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Discuss Hatchimals Draggles Green Egg Stock at Smyths

Discuss Hatchimals Draggles Green Egg Stock @ Hatchimals Draggles Green Egg at Smyths
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guest207243 guest207243 - 11/12/2016 10:52 - Report
Hi, I've managed to get a green one, absolutely over the moon, if there's anyone with a pink one that would like to swap let me know (Swansea area)

Kikiboy Kikiboy - 09/12/2016 12:36 - Report
Just been into Smyths Colchester and they had three left on the shelf. Were suprised they still had them!

Roverchick Roverchick - 08/12/2016 07:42 - Report
Is anyone going to try Smyth's again today or do you think there's any point now that they've changed the comment to ''none before xmas'
daddybear29 daddybear29 - 08/12/2016 08:48 - Report
if you want a green i would get them up on John Lewis they have been coming on 2 in stock every couple of hours just keep checking

Roverchick Roverchick - 08/12/2016 11:18 - Report
Thanks I seem to miss them every time Sad

Lisa1984 Lisa1984 - 08/12/2016 12:29 - Report
I've just got a green hatchimal from smyths this morning they had them behind the tills

guest150567 guest150567 - 07/12/2016 09:53 - Report
Just ordered green draggle no problem at John Lewis!

guest168688 guest168688 - 07/12/2016 09:13 - Report
Got one in Greenwich London today but now sold out

Roverchick Roverchick - 07/12/2016 08:24 - Report
none in Newry today either

Nealo Nealo - 07/12/2016 07:54 - Report
Just been to my 2 local smyths in Newcastle. Both have non for sale this morning and deliveries are around 4 and they might be in then. And to just keep ringing to check

Shelbelle Shelbelle - 07/12/2016 06:58 - Report
Is it worth going to smyths this morning? Says on site have limited stock today ?
Nealo Nealo - 07/12/2016 07:52 - Report
I've just been. Non at my 2 local ones in Newcastle thinking people would be queuing but told deliveries around 4. And that website does say between 7th and 10th. They just said keep ringing

Mason Mason - 04/12/2016 10:22 - Report
Smiths say green available on 7/12/16 but limited stock and no pre order option
guest168688 guest168688 - 04/12/2016 10:34 - Report
Hello, thanks for the info. Do you have to go to store to collect? Which stores? Where did u get this info pls? Thank you. I am getting desperate now as its my little ones bday on 12th. Thanks Smile

Mason Mason - 04/12/2016 11:15 - Report
Hi I just seen it on the smiths website and coventryand Leicester both said that date. Also tried a random one (Kilmarnock) which said the same. I imagine it will be a 1st come 1st served but you could try calling the store to check beforehand.

Mason Mason - 04/12/2016 11:15 - Report
Sorry "smiths"!

Mason Mason - 04/12/2016 11:16 - Report
Damn auto correct - smyths

guest168688 guest168688 - 04/12/2016 19:42 - Report
Thank you very much Smile

Shazmorris Shazmorris - 01/12/2016 10:11 - Report
I have a teal one, would like a green one. Slough area

carrotts123 carrotts123 - 30/11/2016 14:21 - Report
Anyone that would swap a teal for a green my son set on green and cant find one anywhere or anyone selling a green??

fergie1985 fergie1985 - 30/11/2016 10:23 - Report
Mange to get 1 this morning in smyths will have 1 happy child this Christmas 😊

abitdifferent abitdifferent - 30/11/2016 09:08 - Report
well my friend went to nearest smyths this morning and they had none

guest115333 guest115333 - 29/11/2016 19:49 - Report
anyone found out what the announcement from spinmaster was yet?
TenOhEight TenOhEight - 30/11/2016 09:42 - Report
Still no announcement, only thing changed on there website is that it now says 'come back soon' for more news, rather than 'come back on the 29th November' for news!!!

Lindsey1982 Lindsey1982 - 29/11/2016 19:36 - Report
UPDATE 29/11/16 Smyth’s Toys insider info: “All smyths stores got their last delivery of hatchimals in today. Preorders should be released today and general stock will be available tomorrow morning. Every store will have around 40 unit to sell that aren't on pre-orders”
Lindsey1982 Lindsey1982 - 29/11/2016 19:36 - Report
Taken from facebook hotukdeals

daddybear29 daddybear29 - 29/11/2016 11:39 - Report
Smyths Glasgow Fort think they will get "a few" in this weekend and then no more to 2017 worldwide shortage confirmed by Spin Master, more to hatch in "early 2017" according to the offical website.
TenOhEight TenOhEight - 29/11/2016 12:35 - Report
New announcement meant to be happening on the spin master website today, but hasn't happened yet! *******shop.spinmaster****/store/us/home

guest115333 guest115333 - 29/11/2016 12:53 - Report
why when you go onto spinmaster and type in hatchimals it says sorry no products were found

TenOhEight TenOhEight - 29/11/2016 13:26 - Report
Yes, I dunno about that cos when I first checked the spinmaster site that came up on google I couldn't find any reference to hatchimals at all, which is rather bizarre since they are arguably their biggest selling toy right now!!! Maybe cos of the lack of stock. Anyway that's why I posted the link, albeit half 'asterisked' out! In the link, before 'shop' should be ******* and after 'spinmaster' should be

TenOhEight TenOhEight - 29/11/2016 13:26 - Report
Ok, try again! h t t p s : / /

TenOhEight TenOhEight - 29/11/2016 13:27 - Report
...without the spaces obviously Big Grin

TenOhEight TenOhEight - 29/11/2016 13:28 - Report
Ooooh, and last word, that has disappeared is d o t c o m

TenOhEight TenOhEight - 29/11/2016 13:30 - Report
Still no announcement yet tho! Smile

JEMSEYB JEMSEYB - 23/11/2016 19:20 - Report
Stock date has changed again

Jjuss Jjuss - 22/11/2016 12:26 - Report
When the pre orders come in do they have to be collected that day or Do you have a few days to collect?

Juliem31 Juliem31 - 20/11/2016 16:19 - Report
Synths had them in my local store this week!
Juliem31 Juliem31 - 20/11/2016 16:20 - Report
I mean smyths, I'm in salford

guest135618 guest135618 - 19/11/2016 18:32 - Report
I have a teal egg can anyone swap for a green I'm in stoke

Steph28 Steph28 - 19/11/2016 14:11 - Report
Moved from the 24th-1st to the 25th-2nd does this mean they could not come in on the first day and be in just any day in between these two days? As it gets nearer it'll probably be put back again

Juliem31 Juliem31 - 09/11/2016 20:02 - Report
New message on the smiths website, limited stock due 24th Nov this will be prioritised to people who have pre ordered, and they are no longer taking any more pre orders
TenOhEight TenOhEight - 10/11/2016 00:02 - Report
I saw that, guess that rules Smyths out as a source if you don't live near any of their stores as they are not available for home delivery!

TenOhEight TenOhEight - 10/11/2016 00:04 - Report
Also, they have put their expected stock delivery back a few times now, dates getting into December now

TenOhEight TenOhEight - 04/11/2016 20:13 - Report
Hi, please can someone explain how to pre-order from the Smyths website, I have tried a few times but can't seem to be able to do it, ie,there is no option for it....????!!!
TenOhEight TenOhEight - 04/11/2016 20:20 - Report
Ok, I've just gone through all the different store options & realised that the pre-order facility is only available for some stores, not all of them, & certainly not at any of the stores closest to me, which are still over an hours drive away! Sad

TenOhEight TenOhEight - 04/11/2016 20:28 - Report
In fact this green egg is only available for pre-order in the stores in N.Ireland, & there is low stock available to buy now in the Llandudno store

AllIwantforxmas AllIwantforxmas - 04/11/2016 19:19 - Report
pre order now!!!! i just got one

Busymummy Busymummy - 02/11/2016 21:26 - Report
I pre ordered two different colours and both been delivered from smyths 😊😊 just got a pink one from Tesco too!! 🎅🏼 has done well

samantha3824 samantha3824 - 01/11/2016 12:27 - Report
I have one spare green egg ordered from smyths at wallsend if anyone would like to collect I could give you order ref?
samantha3824 samantha3824 - 01/11/2016 12:27 - Report
It just needs paid for within 12 hours,

guest89870 guest89870 - 01/11/2016 13:44 - Report
have you still got his?

guest91309 guest91309 - 29/10/2016 07:15 - Report
TS10 for 10 off. pre ordered 1 this morning
TenOhEight TenOhEight - 29/10/2016 16:46 - Report
How can you pre-order? Doesn't seem possible from the website Confused

Toy huntress Toy huntress - 26/10/2016 21:16 - Report
Code TS10 for £10 off £50 spend or code TS20 for £20 off £100+ spend online. Valid til Nov 1st.

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