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Discuss Hatchimals Draggles Purple Egg Stock at Smyths

Discuss Hatchimals Draggles Purple Egg Stock @ Hatchimals Draggles Purple Egg at Smyths
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Natalie Aldridge Natalie Aldridge - 11/01/2017 14:49 - Report
Anyone got a teal green egg that's willing to swap for a purple?

guest132480 guest132480 - 08/12/2016 09:08 - Report
Hi, does anyone have a teal egg they would like to swap for a pink? Daughter chnaged her mind of colour, although she denies this!!! lol Hoping someone is in the same situation and we can help each other out. London, N1 area

Rift187 Rift187 - 07/12/2016 21:50 - Report
My store Maidstone had around 20 this morning. Around 60 people turned up for opening time. Some very disappointed parents and ebay scalpels! Hope every gets on at the normal price and don't fund the greedy ebay sellers!

Elizasmummy11 Elizasmummy11 - 30/11/2016 14:32 - Report
Finally went to collect my pre ordered hatchimal princess gonna be happy x

broganad broganad - 30/11/2016 11:03 - Report
woo hoo just had my confirmation email saying my hatchimal is nearly ready to collect!! Big Grin only had it on pre-order since end september/beginning october ... wont stop stressing till i have it in my hands!!
CEXH CEXH - 30/11/2016 12:10 - Report
Yay! Great news xx

broganad broganad - 30/11/2016 12:39 - Report
Thankyou Smile just hope all these other mums manage to get their hands on them too Smile hate hearing about all these babies waking up without one Sad come on spin master!!! keep them coming!! xxx

Clbma Clbma - 30/11/2016 09:30 - Report
All sold out

abitdifferent abitdifferent - 30/11/2016 09:07 - Report
well my friend went to nearest smyths this morning and they had none.

Diffyc Diffyc - 30/11/2016 00:35 - Report
Is it true that smyths are getting this in stock in certain stores tomorrow? Seen it on hot uk deals that they would have 40 each store that wasn't for pre orders, might go to my local store tomorrow morning to see.
bethjayne bethjayne - 30/11/2016 09:51 - Report
It is today that stores will have stock

Lindsey1982 Lindsey1982 - 29/11/2016 19:36 - Report
UPDATE 29/11/16 Smyth’s Toys insider info: “All smyths stores got their last delivery of hatchimals in today. Preorders should be released today and general stock will be available tomorrow morning. Every store will have around 40 unit to sell that aren't on pre-orders”
Lindsey1982 Lindsey1982 - 29/11/2016 19:37 - Report
Taken from facebook hotukdeals

Elizasmummy11 Elizasmummy11 - 04/11/2016 19:04 - Report
Just pre ordered. Wonder when in stock ion Barnsley
guest92428 guest92428 - 04/11/2016 19:57 - Report
doesnt give me a option to pre rder

TenOhEight TenOhEight - 04/11/2016 21:03 - Report
Looks like they are only available for pre-order in the N.Ireland stores atm

Elizasmummy11 Elizasmummy11 - 05/11/2016 14:31 - Report
I've got the acknowledgement email so fingers crossed

Toy huntress Toy huntress - 26/10/2016 21:18 - Report
Code TS10 for £10 off £50+ spend or code TS20 for £20 off £100+ spend online. Valid til Nov 1st.

PB1977 PB1977 - 25/10/2016 15:13 - Report
Just bought a green one in Chelmsford. Two purple ones still left.
guest85466 guest85466 - 25/10/2016 18:11 - Report
Aww thats too far away from where I am. My daughter only did her xmas list the other day and asked for one of these and I had no idea what they were let alone how popular they are! Fingers crossed I can get one before xmas!

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