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Discuss Hatchimals Draggles Purple Egg Stock at Very

Discuss Hatchimals Draggles Purple Egg Stock @ Hatchimals Draggles Purple Egg at Very
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Admin Administrator (Twitter) - Sticky Forum Post - 08/11/2016 13:39 - Report
  • Please do NOT rely on receiving an email alert to find you stock. We will send emails on a case by case basis. It is pointless us sending thousands of emails if a retailer only has a few units of stock which get snapped up almost immediately. It just leads to further frustration.


guest118056 guest118056 - 17/12/2016 18:20 - Report
Thanks stock informer, managed to order one yesterday and it's already been delivered.

guest211120 guest211120 - 16/12/2016 11:44 - Report
Oh! Had 1 in the basket then gone!😣

Colette Colette - 07/12/2016 23:51 - Report
Thank you Stock informer my Puple and Teal Hatchimals arrived today after ordering them on Monday!! Two little girls of mine are going to be over the moon. I hope everyone gets one...I'm glad my no sleep hunt is now over.

Jenp85 Jenp85 - 06/12/2016 21:29 - Report
Thank you stock informer, my little girls pink penguala arrived today after ordering yesterday! So pleased after weeks of hunting and many unlucky attempts! Hope everyone else manages to get one πŸ™‚

Claire L Claire L - 06/12/2016 21:00 - Report
Absolutely fuming just collected my purple hatchimal from collect plus sent by Very and there is a twirly woo talking Toodloo in the box instead. On the phone to customer service who have said it's out of stock and can't send one out 😑
Claire L Claire L - 06/12/2016 21:42 - Report
I wonder how many other people they have done this to? To add insult to injury it can take upto 14 days for s refund. I thought the sleepless nights were over. I've got 1 hatchimal and 2 children. Which child should I give the hatchimal to Very? 😒

Rach82 Rach82 - 07/12/2016 09:42 - Report
Discusting that chick would take it further x

guest141157 guest141157 - 08/12/2016 01:01 - Report
I had the same done to me! They sent me a dressing gown and after them twice putting the phone down on me I spoke to them only to be told they were now out of stock and nothing they could do but refund me!! Fuming

Claire L Claire L - 08/12/2016 07:50 - Report
Apparently according to the collection plus point I use Very have been making a lot of mistakes lately. I did manage to speak to a nice lady who has promised me she will keep trying everyday to get me a replacement, but for all the good it will do I really can't see Very getting anymore stock now before Christmas. My sister in law works at John Lewis and she managed to get me one yesterday when they had their stock in so thankfully Christmas is saved. Don't give up guest141157 keep trying Amazon they seam to adding stocks almost every day. Good luck I hope you manage to get one

Rach82 Rach82 - 06/12/2016 19:41 - Report
Yes very have dispatched my 3 😬😬😬

abitdifferent abitdifferent - 06/12/2016 12:58 - Report
Gutted mine has been cancelled
Searchingfortoys Searchingfortoys - 06/12/2016 17:35 - Report
Oh no, that's awful. Keep trying Amazon, they seem to get a few everyday

guest107282 guest107282 - 05/12/2016 22:32 - Report
Finally got my despatched notification, was starting to worry the order would be cancelled. Thanks stock informer 😊
guest107282 guest107282 - 06/12/2016 12:26 - Report
And it has now arrived πŸ˜ŠπŸ˜πŸ˜€ no more spending hours looking at this webpage now. Thanks again

Lowlowx Lowlowx - 05/12/2016 16:30 - Report
mine have been dispatched Big Grin
guest154497 guest154497 - 05/12/2016 17:39 - Report
mine too after weeks of trying finally!!

guest154497 guest154497 - 06/12/2016 18:39 - Report
Delivered today odered yesterday. Thankyou stock informer

guest150552 guest150552 - 05/12/2016 16:28 - Report
Looking to swap a green I have for purple, London/Surrey/N Hampshire, proof of purchase provided

Sarah ❀ Sarah ❀ - 05/12/2016 10:42 - Report
Fingers crossed ordered 2 for my friend for delivery 8th xx

guest67039 guest67039 - 05/12/2016 10:18 - Report
In stock now on very, but what are the chances of them sending? I've ordered anyway as i have an account with them
Sandy265 Sandy265 - 05/12/2016 10:36 - Report
Says the 8th for delivery

Sandy265 Sandy265 - 05/12/2016 22:05 - Report
Mine been dispatched 😊

tinks007 tinks007 - 19/11/2016 14:57 - Report
Any Cleveleys, Blackpool or Preston codes please? 'My orders keep getting cancelled Sad Thank you xx

Julieflump Julieflump - 18/11/2016 12:15 - Like This Item Report
On line at Asda NOW. Plus teal. Good luck x

guest123421 guest123421 - 16/11/2016 17:55 - Report
Mine now says dispatched from yesterday and had an email saying order on its way woohoo!
guest91309 guest91309 - 16/11/2016 18:00 - Report
Mine too 😊

gemma6689 gemma6689 - 16/11/2016 10:52 - Report
i ended up with one of these from very yesterday and it said delivery for 25th november but checked this morning and it says order being processed at warehouse, i had tried for 2 but one was cancelled, fingers crossed tho the purple has been so hard to get

guest113044 guest113044 - 15/11/2016 17:54 - Report
Ordered yesterday cancelled with no notification today cheeky customer services told me they not had any since October. Logged a complaint but like every other company they don't care!

Chichimarie22 Chichimarie22 - 15/11/2016 17:28 - Report
didnt say instock on here, but I clicked on it and it let me order. Seems I have 1 coming to me on 24th november? wait and see!
Chichimarie22 Chichimarie22 - 15/11/2016 17:34 - Report
nope its been wait for my money back again!

gemma6689 gemma6689 - 15/11/2016 16:59 - Report
i just ordered 2 of these and received confirmation emails for both, hopefully this means i have got them?

guest111020 guest111020 - 13/11/2016 13:04 - Report
guest116462 guest116462 - 13/11/2016 16:40 - Report
I ordered 3 today and they have all been dispatched for delivery tomorrow.

guest133008 guest133008 - 15/11/2016 08:13 - Report
I had one in my basket severl times. Site got me to open an account so i did thinking for quickness, then guess what out of stock , ive kept it incase i get another chance but will be cancelling , i think they are playing a game abit.

guest111020 guest111020 - 13/11/2016 13:01 - Report
I see they have gone back to advertising these again when they dont have any in stock. BEWARE if you try buying from here they will take your money then tell you its out of stock. Then it takes you ages to get your money back- I am still waiting for mine back after trying to buy one on the 9th only to be told 2 mins later by email that they do not have any of these in stock, and when you do an online chat they admit they are hoping to get some more in but currently do not have any in stock

guest86952 guest86952 - 30/10/2016 18:02 - Report
I got one this morning and the cancelled it due to lack of stock, then an hour later they had more, so rather criss with very. Hoping tesco get more next week

guest91723 guest91723 - 30/10/2016 16:50 - Report
Can't believe my daughter asked for this only yesterday...I've seen loads over the last few months. I'm glued to this app now. Feeling a bit stressed πŸ˜•

Emmamiles Emmamiles - 27/10/2016 23:17 - Report

beckych91 beckych91 - 27/10/2016 23:08 - Report
sold out already :'( whenver I try and buy one it takes it out of my basket saying they're sold out
guest88191 guest88191 - 27/10/2016 23:12 - Report
me too Sad

guest86916 guest86916 - 27/10/2016 23:16 - Report
me too and I need a purple and a pink. Getting worried im not going to get these for christmas

beckych91 beckych91 - 27/10/2016 23:19 - Report
just keep looking on here and you will get one. I've got to get 2 aswell, the twins have their heart set on them.

guest88191 guest88191 - 27/10/2016 23:19 - Report
getting worried also, had paid for fastrac collection in argos earlier and they cancelled it 3 mintues after sending me confirmation of order number etc, ocado did the same.

beckych91 beckych91 - 27/10/2016 23:30 - Report
it will be fine before christmas, you will get two Smile it was the same last year with that snow glow elsa doll that no one could get, if I can get 2 of them then we can get 2 of these Smile still plenty of time

guest88529 guest88529 - 27/10/2016 22:06 - Report
Will you be having more stock

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