Discuss Hatchimals Pengualas Teal Egg Stock at Bargain Max

Discuss Hatchimals Pengualas Teal Egg Stock @ Hatchimals Pengualas Teal Egg at Bargain Max


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guest136407 27/11/2016 17:56

I tried Asda Direct online on Friday eve and managed to get two that I collected today. My friend tipped me off that she saw them in stock on there last week! I don't think Stock Informer checks their website!

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Suzee34 - 27/11/2016 20:44

Apparently stockinformer invited them to be added here but they said no 🙁


guest136407 27/11/2016 17:53

Not a bargain at all!

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guest183207 27/11/2016 17:19

I totally agree. Rip off merchants. I hope they get stuck with loads of their overpriced hatchimals.

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CT 27/11/2016 15:13

Total rip off ! They can stuff them......

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guest83547 - 27/11/2016 16:18

True!! Really angry at these greedy shops and eBay! People selling codes on eBay, how disgusting and desperate. I have stopped looking now. I was needing two for a boy and girl, managed to get a teal one a few weeks ago. But I have told my kids that too many children want a Hatchimals so Santa is only giving one to each household to look after. They seem happy with that.


Juliem31 - 27/11/2016 16:20

I have sent these an email complaining about the price let's see what they come back with


guest105773 27/11/2016 15:03

People have been giving people abuse on ebay etc for selling for £80+ and now even the ahops are doing it! Wont be buying one from this store at that price im afraid!

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Keys 27/11/2016 14:31

Yea I thought that discusting xx

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Gar Price 27/11/2016 14:23

Cashing in on the demand with hiked up prices eh?

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Gar Price - 27/11/2016 14:29

Also was 99.99? Doesn't sound like a bargain to me


Justine-H - 27/11/2016 14:37

Bargain Max? Not so much a bargain but a definite rip off! More demand for cours the higher the price too.


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