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Discuss iPhone 12 Pro Stock @ iPhone 12 Pro at Currys


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Administrator 14/10/2020 11:20


  • Please DO NOT rely on receiving an email or push notification alert to find you stock. We will send notifications on a case by case basis. It is pointless us sending thousands of notifications if a retailer only has a few units of stock which get snapped up almost immediately. Just leads to further frustration.
  • For very high demand products, don't be surprised if stock sells out in seconds. An online store may have only made a single unit available.
  • Any irregular page refreshing or bot activity will result in an automatic permanent block from our server.
  • Please do not attempt to sell on this forum. There is another well known website for that. Offending posts will be deleted and user accounts suspended without notice.
  • Please refer to our FAQs for further answers to common questions.

Thanks, Admin

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paulfromskeg 30/11/2020 13:28

Currys have now cancelled my order saying that they can’t get any more for the foreseeable future... and I am stuck with a £1000 gift card. They are legally allowed to refund to a cr*dit card no matter what they say about money laundering (this is the case if you paid part by card and part by gift card anyway)... They just choose not to...

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paulfromskeg 30/11/2020 10:20

I have just come off an online chat regarding my iPhone that Currys said they would deliver on 23rtd October. They say not to expect stock anytime soon (their words not mine). I am emailing someone at Board level to look into fo me...

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Joshuaclark99 31/10/2020 10:04

Ditto to the above comments. Currys are a waste of time. Just because the site says they have stock, don’t believe it. I’m now having to chase for a refund.

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paulfromskeg - 27/11/2020 13:51

They will not give me a refund as most of the cost for this was on a gift card. They say it is illegal to refund me. They cannot legally give me cash (due to money laundering laws) but could put in directly in my bank account or on my bank card, as this is traceable. They choose not to do so though as they want to keep hold of my money


Rosbsoar 28/10/2020 14:48

Dear Customer, Thanks for your recent Currys PC World pre-order for the AppleiPhone 12. There’s been a delay to the dispatch of your order. So, your tech will arrive a little later than expected. We’re sorry about that. We can now confirm that your item(s) will be in stock on the 24th November 2020 and then dispatched to you as soon as it arrives. We’re sorry we didn’t get it right this time. Getting amazing tech to our customers is what we love to do and we hate having to make you wait. We’ll get it sorted and hope that you’ll shop with us again in the future.

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guest454076 - 28/10/2020 18:07

I had the same email, and was supposed to be delivered the day after I ordered it. I’ve complained to Trading Standards as false advertising. As why take orders when they know they don’t have the stock?!? Now have to wait upto 14 days to get my money back but I’ve gone to Apple directly and can get it quicker there and they won’t bill me until the device is dispatched otherwise I wouldn’t have the funds to have two orders going.


paulfromskeg - 24/11/2020 15:28

Have you had any update since. My order is still shown as in progress, and I should have had mine delivered on 23rd October too... It is now November 24th and Currys dont seem to have any update...


kezzzzzz21 - 24/11/2020 15:49

Me neither, I was planning on going down to store this evening to see if they have anything. I've been waiting months this is ridiculous


paulfromskeg - 24/11/2020 23:16

I have been messaging them today,. And all they can tell me is that they are expecting stock soon. When I asked them if soon means tomorrow, or several weeks, they failed to respond.... they did tell me I can cancel my order, but I purchased on a gift card and I really do not want to have to buy anything expensive from these clowns again... I have had issues with them in the past, but thought as i have not dealt with them for a few years that they might have improved... clearly not.... I did ask them if I can have a full cash refund, but again they did not respond. I expect them to say I need to get it back as a Currys gift card...


kezzzzzz21 - 25/11/2020 08:13

,Me too! Sad Currys is really bad at communicating like one person saysthey dont know, the other says its coming the next day (but doesnt) and another says 24th November??? Once you get an answer if you can get a cash refund from a gift card please let me know too. Ive ordered another one from the apple site just in case (which i can return if the one from currys comes too late and if i can get cash from that). Thanks


paulfromskeg - 26/11/2020 14:40

I managed to speak to someone today, and apparently the lorry that was hijacked on the M1 last month was the one containing all the supply of iPhones for Currys. (The lady on the phone said that 48 million phones were stolen, but I am pretty sure she has her figures wrong - probably £49 million worth of phones). Anyway they say that they are getting stock in this week or next week, but we will have to see. It is quite annoying that they are not sharing this information with us, as we all know that Apple has a very predicable supply chain, and can predict a month or two in advance when your items are going to be supplied. Someone in Currys procurement will have some communication with predicted delivery dates... unless they are buying through an intermediary, but I suspect that they purchase direct from apple...


kezzzzzz21 - 26/11/2020 15:53

That’s straight up annoying. I mean like apple has next day click and collect, can’t we just get a cash refund and get our phones that way??? Why wait a month when people can just grab it from a block away. And if it was a month ago shouldn’t it be sorted out by now? Anyways keep me up to date with info please I’m in desperate need of that phone my current one is garbage and I have a tight schedule to collect it- planning ahead is useful for me


paulfromskeg - 27/11/2020 13:52

Every few hours the website says that they are in stock. I put one in my basket yesterday and was told that it would be available to collect on Monday afternoon next week. Not sure if they are just trying to get more people to commit to purchase from them of if they actually have stock...


kezzzzzz21 - 27/11/2020 13:58

Yes me too. I shouldve just sacrificed that 1% discount and taken the 7% off offer in Argos. My friend got his a month ago and we ordered at the same time Sad


kezzzzzz21 - 28/11/2020 19:57

Heyyy I picked up my phone today Smile) took a while but it’s here now


guest454076 27/10/2020 14:45

Yup they have took my order no stock and don’t know when it will be back in stock? Don’t waste your time with Currys. Cut out middle man and go to Apple which I’m doing.

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guest940133 26/10/2020 18:20

They took money after ordered then said no stock and 7 day refunds

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thejacklstewart - 27/10/2020 10:35

Exactly the same happened to me... especially annoyed as I did the next day click and collect and went down to the store at 5PM as it says in the email confirmation only for them to essentially laugh at me for expecting them to have any iPhone 12 Pros in stock. Ridiculous system.


guest454076 - 27/10/2020 14:47

Shocking way to run a business I paid for next day delivery and that time slot has gone. Contacted them for them to say you’ll get an email in 24-48 hours. And blaming Apple!! Never again will I be using Currys or PCTurd.


paulfromskeg - 27/11/2020 19:09

I was on the web chat today and they told me that their systems were down and I should try again in 3 or 4 days


guest904787 25/10/2020 15:48

Whatever this or their site says periodically, they don't have stock!!

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