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Discuss Lay-Z-Spa Miami Stock @ Lay-Z-Spa Miami at Amazon


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guest646566 Yesterday 04/06/2020 14:18

Something is amiss with Amazon. I ordered mine on 16th May, and having seen that people have ordered later in May and got them delivered, I have spoken to them on chat. Apparently no stock, and none in the inventory due into stock. So not fulfilling earlier orders then.

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HayleyAdams - Yesterday 04/06/2020 16:20

I've ordered a Vegas one on the 21st and I'm still waiting. Amazon are contacting the facility team or something like that but will have to wait another week. But I have noticed that other people are getting their orders.


clairebear1007 03/06/2020 10:08

My pre order from 25/5 has arrived this morning. Thank you!

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Administrator - 03/06/2020 10:13

Thanks, that's good to know. Enjoy 😎


guest645509 02/06/2020 14:08

Still waiting from the 16th from Amazon, no communication at all, so no clue if or when we'll get one, wish I hadn't mentioned it to the kids now.

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guest567917 29/05/2020 23:25

I ordered on the 25th May and its on its way 😁 thank you stock informer

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Administrator - 29/05/2020 23:27

No worries, enjoy the great weather sat in your new spa 😎


guest645509 29/05/2020 15:52

I asked today having seen your comment, I ordered 2 weeks ago and was told still no stock and no pending date available.

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guest567917 - 31/05/2020 13:20

I honestly didn't think I was gonna get it, next thing it said dispatched and tracking has been updated since, I had an order for very for a cancun, is due to delivery the end of June I'll be cancelling


clairebear1007 - 01/06/2020 17:22

was it a pre order you did on 25th may. I did my pre-order then and have heard nothing. When did you get the despatch email? Thanks


clairebear1007 26/05/2020 14:28

I pre ordered mine yesterday. Contacted Amazon via chat this morning and they informed me that they were coming in stock on 29/5/20. When I check on my orders through it says we will deliver when available. My card has been debited though, has anyone elses?

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guest645509 26/05/2020 12:01

Ordered 16th May and not had any further update or guide to when they will likely be in stock, which is disappointing.

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Kiejl10 25/05/2020 18:04

Anyone actually got a delivery date?

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guest651604 17/05/2020 21:34

Anyone know when they're actually getting stock?

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Ehtesham - 18/05/2020 13:13

Now in stock


guest651604 - 18/05/2020 15:11

Yeah, and I bought one on the 15th. I meant when will they actually get stock in to ship? No estimated date like other companies.


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