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guest2097567 11/25/2022 2:40:

here here


guest2094140 11/25/2022 2:44:

and again so frustrating


guest2093330 11/25/2022 3:05:

Omg doing my head in. I'm on as soon as the alert comes through, option to add to basket and out of stock. 😩 Going to give up at this rate!


guest2097567 11/25/2022 6:00:

This time displayed the Add to Basket but every time pressed it (at least 10 to 15 times on page refreshes) it just said cant add to basket as no longer avail


dawn1e 11/25/2022 7:51:

Received my AF400UKDBCP i ordered Wednesday 🎉


ciscolad 12/1/2022 6:02:

From who?


dawn1e 12/5/2022 7:44:

It was from Ninja when they had stock of them


ciscolad 12/1/2022 6:01:

I don't believe this air fryer exists.


guest2105441 12/1/2022 6:04:

Me either haha


guest2100111 12/1/2022 7:43:

Why am I not receiving notifications?? Extremely frustrating.


guest2105613 12/4/2022 12:26

I noticed it was in stock yesterday but had the same issue when I tried to add it to the basket it said “error” or “out of stock”. I phone the ninja number and they were able to order it on the phone so I’d advise you do the same thing if you have the same issue. Mine has now been dispatched. Good luck everyone!!


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