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Discuss PlayStation VR Stock at Argos

Discuss PlayStation VR Stock @ PlayStation VR at Argos
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Admin Administrator (Twitter) - Sticky Forum Post - 01/12/2017 15:34 - Report


  • Please do not swap or even request an Argos reservation number. If you don't need it, don't get it. Offending Posts WILL be DELETED and user accounts WILL BE SUSPENDED without warning.
  • Our Argos store checker links directly with the Argos system. With the current demand, reservations are currently getting snapped up almost immediately.
  • During stock shortages, Argos rarely put stock up for Home Delivery. It will go straight to the stores.
  • Please DO NOT rely on receiving an email or push notification alert to find you stock. We will send notifications on a case by case basis. It is pointless us sending thousands of notifications if a retailer only has a few units of stock which get snapped up almost immediately. Just leads to further frustration.
  • Please do not attempt to sell on this forum. There is another well known website for that. Offending posts will be deleted and user accounts suspended without notice.

Thanks, Admin


Harleyquinn4285 Harleyquinn4285 - 22/01/2017 15:58 - Report
OMG OMG OMG I got one so happy 😍😍😍
Aims7950 Aims7950 - 23/01/2017 00:19 - Report
Happy days!! Enjoy, its awesome

ScoobyPCM ScoobyPCM - 20/01/2017 11:12 - Report
Stock availability added on 20/01/2017 has already sold out
Admin Administrator (Twitter) - 20/01/2017 12:19 - Report
Over 80 stores still currently have stock

ScoobyPCM ScoobyPCM - 20/01/2017 12:23 - Report
Ah, OK, just not available for collection OR delivery to Leeds, Bradford, Wakefield or York then (I've tried many relative's addresses along with my own in an attempt to find stock)

ScoobyPCM ScoobyPCM - 20/01/2017 14:32 - Report
Woohoo!!! Just reserved the last one in stock in Bingley, bit of a trek out, but I've got one.

Admin Administrator (Twitter) - 20/01/2017 14:48 - Report
Cool, glad you got yourself sorted, even if it's a bit of a drive Big Grin

TheThistle TheThistle - 18/01/2017 22:24 - Report
Argos now have stock for collection

Harleyquinn4285 Harleyquinn4285 - 11/01/2017 13:39 - Report
Am desper now my preorder I've had since November has been pushed back again I need this for my sons birthday anyone got one in Essex?
Man Man - 11/01/2017 15:47 - Report
Best thing to do is keep the main playstation VR page of stock informer open whether on your laptop or mobile phone but keep looking at the Argos line as it will always say 'no stock' HOWEVER when there is one in stock anywhere in the country it will come up in the box as "1 available" which will give you the option of doing the fast track click & collect. Don't get me wrong this may not be in your area for instance I had to drive an hour to get mine however it was beyond worth it. This stock could me updated anytime though I'm afraid for instance mine was about 19:15 Monday night. Good luck and if one does appear available within a reasonable distance be quick because this is how everyone is beating the preorder issues with most preorders pegged for Feb earliest

Aims7950 Aims7950 - 19/01/2017 12:12 - Report
In stock collection at argos

Harleyquinn4285 Harleyquinn4285 - 19/01/2017 13:08 - Report
Yes got one on pre order last night thank you 😊😊

Man Man - 09/01/2017 21:35 - Report
This site has served me well again, picking up my headset tomorrow from a store due to being shown available on here! Have now cancelled my THREE preorders with amazon, tesco & game!!
Aims7950 Aims7950 - 10/01/2017 11:55 - Report
Enjoy mate! Glad you finally managed to get hold of one.

Man Man - 11/01/2017 15:49 - Report
Thanks mate and you!, once I finally got over the motion sickness aspect it is unreal and defo worth the wait, until dawn with playstation move controllers is incredible

Aims7950 Aims7950 - 12/01/2017 11:35 - Report
Im still struggling with the motion sickness and i until dawn should come with a spare pair of pants! Lol but awesome tech. Well worth the wait!

guest232523 guest232523 - 08/01/2017 22:16 - Report
After a whole weekend of checking this site every 5 minutes, i managed to nab a PSVR! Only needed to drive a 200 mile round trip to get it... Thanks for this site, fantastic work!
Davothediv Davothediv - 09/01/2017 18:05 - Report
Makes my new years 100 mile round trip look weak!! Never been so scared buying something my whole life. At every stage i was waiting for some one to out out from behind the counter to tell me there'd been a mistake, and they had no stock. Hope youre having fun !!! I know i am.

guest232523 guest232523 - 09/01/2017 18:13 - Report
I know exactly what you mean! Really thought it wasn't going to happen! It's amazing how fast they get snapped up, really enjoying it! Completely surpasses all expectations!

Aims7950 Aims7950 - 06/01/2017 12:04 - Report
Reserved yesterday at Argos sutton coldfield. Collected this morning. Thank you much stock informer! Wouldn't have been possible without this site.
Man Man - 09/01/2017 12:53 - Report
Random question but do you know roughly what time you reserved it? Trying to determine when new stock is registered!

Aims7950 Aims7950 - 09/01/2017 15:16 - Report
It was around 5 in the evening on the 5th. I think it was a reservation that was uncollected rather than new stock though as this was the only one available in the country. I basically just kept checking this site. On the argos tab it will say one available nationally click to see where. Then follow the link from there.

rsams rsams - 04/01/2017 09:56 - Report
Had same issue happen with me, ordered, cancelled. Just noticed them showing in stock again so going to try one more time.
Man Man - 04/01/2017 10:38 - Report
Just came up as showing in stock, placed order and rang them apparently its ok however we will see. Good sign is that ive gone back on the website and still available for delivery so fingers crossed

rsams rsams - 04/01/2017 10:40 - Report
Yup I did the same earlier this morning, phone call an hour later no stock. I think what happens is if it shows up for reservation it triggers home delivery everywhere in the UK, soon as that reservation goes it'll be gone.

Man Man - 04/01/2017 13:37 - Report
Have you put another order in with them? I did and got a phonecall from Argos saying they wanted to make sure I'd meant to make the second order which obv I did and she then confirmed stock had been allocated......obviously I'm not too hopeful!

rsams rsams - 04/01/2017 13:38 - Report
Yes at 8:37am I put an order in, they called about 10am to say it's been cancelled we have no stock

Man Man - 05/01/2017 08:28 - Report
Just had the phonecall of death. Best part is I have playstation move, playstation camera & until dawn arriving today...

rsams rsams - 05/01/2017 08:30 - Report
Yup. Don't waste anymore time with them. I think I've managed to get one from shop to with rigs for 404 which is slightly overpriced but I have tracking today and was sick of being messed around

rsams rsams - 05/01/2017 08:31 - Report
Yup don't waste anymore time with Argos. I have an order at shop-to for 404 with tracking with rigs. Its about 30 quid overpriced but it's arriving today.

Man Man - 04/01/2017 08:41 - Report
Couldnt believe my luck when I saw argos had one available, made payment, received confirmation email and date for call day after cancelling my order and full refund because they dont have the stock....cheers Argos

BryndenUK BryndenUK - 01/01/2017 14:03 - Report
Thanks StockInformer managed to reserve one on 28th at Newcastle Byker and also ordered Camera on Amazon, just after Move controllers now. Happy New Year

skunk-mad skunk-mad - 01/01/2017 12:14 - Like This Item Report
Thank you to stock informer. I finally managed to get my vr reserved on the 27th and collected on the 30th. It was a 40 mile round trip but well worth it and only possible thanks to this site Smile

skunk-mad skunk-mad - 26/12/2016 23:13 - Report
What is going on with the stock at argos?. 1 minute some stores have the next they are gone. By the time it try reserve??

guest230073 guest230073 - 26/12/2016 21:14 - Report
Anyone know anything about stock in Canterbury area

skunk-mad skunk-mad - 26/12/2016 16:11 - Report
My local store is waiting for a new delivery today the 26th which should go live at midnight. Next delivery will be the 1st Jan and 4th of Jan. Hope I can get one later tonight.
Struti Struti - 26/12/2016 17:40 - Report
Wounder if its same for all stores, which one is your local?

skunk-mad skunk-mad - 26/12/2016 18:20 - Like This Item Report
Any in the Stoke-on-Trent area will suit me. As yoi can see on here they are popping up in stores but for a very limited time. Our store said they are waitung on stock today. Next will be the 2st then 4th of Jan. Im keeping a check go see if any stktes new me get deliveries and go live.

skunk-mad skunk-mad - 26/12/2016 18:21 - Report
That should be the 1st and 4th of Jan. Keep a look out on here for latest stores with stock.

Aaroncity Aaroncity - 25/12/2016 08:45 - Report
Anyone tried to reserve online today? Managed to reserve but had no confirmation e-mail? Weird that they'd get stock on Christmas day?
TheQ TheQ - 25/12/2016 10:24 - Report
It's most likely a reserved item that wasn't collected, rather than new stock.

Aaroncity Aaroncity - 25/12/2016 10:32 - Report
Why would you not collect it! Crazy! I got another e-mail saying there was an error Sad thanks for the reply TheQ

guest226883 guest226883 - 23/12/2016 08:34 - Report
Had reservation for Boxing Day just received email item ready now thanks stockinformer

Antneb Antneb - 22/12/2016 22:32 - Report
So if i have a reservation code at argos for collection monday. What arevthe chances of this being cancelled or does it look like i will actually get one?

Victoria2681 Victoria2681 - 22/12/2016 22:27 - Report
Got mine from Asda today ordered online it said out of stock on google but when you go on their site and search it came up in stock 😊 And now im going to have a happy boy on christmas who doesn't have a clue he's getting it as he thinks hes not! X

guest145660 guest145660 - 22/12/2016 15:33 - Report
Some Smyths Toys are showing in Stock. I called into the Bolton shop, no stock was showing but I got the last one off the shelf.

Ravi C Ravi C - 22/12/2016 14:48 - Report
got a north finchley reservation code if anyone wants it

guest223484 guest223484 - 22/12/2016 11:35 - Report
Tesco have them

looloo looloo - 22/12/2016 10:01 - Report
can anyone please help I'm in n.ireland ordered one from argos for home delivery it should of arrived yesterday but didn't arrive phoned this morning only to be told they hadn't got them so i now have no headset plus they still have my money gutted is an understatement
Richy01698 Richy01698 - 22/12/2016 10:18 - Report
Dumfries and Galloway reserve

guest223484 guest223484 - 22/12/2016 11:34 - Report
Tesco have them online.

Richy01698 Richy01698 - 22/12/2016 07:57 - Report
I've got a Dumfries and Galloway reserve her

Atchap Atchap - 22/12/2016 04:53 - Report
I got Alloa argos reserve here

guest225693 guest225693 - 21/12/2016 23:05 - Report
If it weren't for this site my 8 year old would not had his for Christmas day so glad I found it and spent 3 days keep checking it , would not bother wiv game shop again .

guest226883 guest226883 - 21/12/2016 22:36 - Report
Thanks stockinformer getting hooked up Boxing Day Great Site

Atchap Atchap - 21/12/2016 22:00 - Report
I got one from Perth Argos who want it
Richy01698 Richy01698 - 22/12/2016 02:07 - Report
Can I have it please

Richy01698 Richy01698 - 22/12/2016 02:11 - Report
Sent pm

Richy01698 Richy01698 - 22/12/2016 04:20 - Like This Item Report
It's OK mate Breahead have got them in

Atchap Atchap - 22/12/2016 04:59 - Report
Sorry was in bed lol am glad u got it

Harleyquinn4285 Harleyquinn4285 - 21/12/2016 19:38 - Report
Any in Essex please I missed them?
Lindsey1982 Lindsey1982 - 21/12/2016 19:44 - Report
The majority of them were to collect 26th

Harleyquinn4285 Harleyquinn4285 - 21/12/2016 19:55 - Report
Oh really? That makes me feel a bit better thanks xx

ChrissyG ChrissyG - 21/12/2016 10:12 - Report
I have a spare reservation for Stratford if anyone wants it?
guest221340 guest221340 - 21/12/2016 13:28 - Like This Item Report
Is this still available?

ChrissyG ChrissyG - 21/12/2016 13:34 - Report
Yeah have pm'd you

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