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Discuss PlayStation VR Stock at Tesco

Discuss PlayStation VR Stock @ PlayStation VR at Tesco
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Aaroncity Aaroncity - 23/12/2016 17:11 - Report
Had the same problem, supposedly in stock for store collection on the 23rd. Mysteriously turned into a pre order.. Disappointed doesn't cut it. Has anyone had any luck with Tescos about this? I spoke to customer services and said they won't have any stock until the end of January not sure whether to cancel it. Bit cheeky getting charged too!
barwick barwick - 23/12/2016 17:30 - Report
Yep , I got the same - annoyingly I even rang them first to double check - they still said it was arriving for collection after 3pm - sat in traffic and storm barbara for ages to be told in store my order number isn't correct - rang customer services again to be told expected delivery 26 jan !!

TheThistle TheThistle - 23/12/2016 17:38 - Report
I've emailed a complaint and spoke with Customer Services at Tesco Direct who said there were none in stock and it was an error on the site. Mysteriously turned into a pre-order with me too. They offered £20 compensation said delivery was 31st January

Aaroncity Aaroncity - 23/12/2016 18:06 - Report
In a way I'm glad I'm not the only one in this situation! Are they meant to take the money in advance for a pre order? I spoke to customer services again, they wasn't going to compensate me but I complained again and got £20 back like yourself Scottiepink so thanks for the heads up on that

Majinmakaveli Majinmakaveli - 23/12/2016 22:05 - Report
Same happened to me ordered was emailed and told to expect delivery on the 23rd rang at 9 this morning because I hadn't had the dispatch email and was told the same that it was a pre order due for delivery on or after the 26th of Jan and that the website had made a mistake and stock wasn't being realised till Jan by this point I get a txt from Argos saying the 1 I reserved at Argos with wasn't supposed to be in stock until boxing came in stock ready for collection, which sent me over the edge because Tesco had took the money and were saying it was going be 3-5 days to go back in my bank never been so gutted ended up getting an extra £20 of Tesco as an apology and long story short my brother lent me the money until my money goes back into the bank of Tesco and I was able get my psvr it's all wrapped up for Christmas but if I my brother hadn't come to the rescue we'd of had a bad Christmas all because of Tesco's incompetents they really shouldn't take the money until it's dispatched

TheThistle TheThistle - 23/12/2016 22:32 - Report
I've just received an apology email from Tesco asking if I want a refund - so yes, the money will be taken out my bank account and no VR to show for it. I've to either keep the pre-order or request a refund. How dare they take the money for goods they never had in stock?!?! I'm glad you managed to get one from Argos - I'm going to have a very unhappy son on Xmas morning Sad I feel like writing to Trading Standards regarding this appalling shambles!

Aaroncity Aaroncity - 24/12/2016 18:38 - Report
Did anyone have any luck in the end getting a headset? Been literally no stock around my way Sad

TheThistle TheThistle - 24/12/2016 19:45 - Report
No Sad I'm so angry that my son has games, the camera and controllers to open ... and no VR! While Tesco have my £350!

Aaroncity Aaroncity - 24/12/2016 19:47 - Report
At least Tesco has a nice lil bonus in their accounts eh? Sorry to hear that though Scottiepink hope you have a good Christmas mate you'll get one.. Eventually!

TheThistle TheThistle - 29/12/2016 13:23 - Report
Another email in from Tesco - cancelling the pre-order as it won't be available for click and collect on January 31st. Expect a refund in 3-5 working days. Will need to wait till it goes live again and place a new order for home delivery. What a disgrace!

Laurabhspt Laurabhspt - 29/12/2016 19:22 - Report
I didn't even get any compensation from Tesco - I also got told they couldn't cancel my order! Apparently they had already started to process it, which I know was rubbish as they never had any to begin with. The only way I managed to get Tesco to cancel was through twitter. I ended up driving down to London (2.5hours away!!) to get the last one that Argos had (thanks stock informer :-)! ) so after having to wait for refund from Tesco, having to put another vr headset on my credit card and having to not only drive 5 hours plus the trawl through the shopping centre I was able to have the vr for Christmas. Absolute joke on tescos part!

TheThistle TheThistle - 29/12/2016 23:29 - Report
It's appalling Laura! They've cancelled my order now and took me off the pre-order as my original order for was Click and Collect, which they are no longer doing - onoly home delivery. They never gave me the option to change to home delivery - they cancelled without even letting me know. Now I'm back to square one, searching while I await my £349 refund. Glad you managed to get one though. No thanks to Tesco!!!

Paul Pabz Weaden Paul Pabz Weaden - 23/12/2016 09:47 - Report
was ment to collect from store today but tesco have been a let down and never had stock to begin with, they dont know when they will have stock in next

Laurabhspt Laurabhspt - 23/12/2016 07:14 - Report
Ordered mine for collection on 23rd (today!) only to not receive a dispatch email. Spoke to Tesco, they've told me the website was a mistake and it was pre orders despite taking my money. Not happy :-(
TheQ TheQ - 23/12/2016 11:23 - Report
Exact same with me. Really annoyed, especially as it seems Asda are fulfilling their orders.

TheThistle TheThistle - 23/12/2016 12:32 - Report
Exactly the same here. I'm so angry! Told me I'm now on a pre-order for delivery on Jan 31st

guest223484 guest223484 - 22/12/2016 11:34 - Report
Back in stock now xx

Dodsy Dodsy - 22/12/2016 10:39 - Report
Just received Emil saying back in stock

barwick barwick - 22/12/2016 00:28 - Report
well .... I've just ordered one , paid for it and my orders been accepted - I'll belive it when i see it ( fingers crossed )
guest228949 guest228949 - 22/12/2016 13:28 - Report
Was it a pre order?

barwick barwick - 22/12/2016 14:54 - Report
no , I checked last night just after midnight and dropped lucky they were in stock , got an email notification from tesco 10 hours later ! - they were out of stock by then

barwick barwick - 22/12/2016 14:55 - Report
It aint here yet though !!! - supposed to be in store to collect after 3pm tomorrow !

guest228949 guest228949 - 22/12/2016 19:44 - Report
Ah ok. I went in to Smyths Toystore and they had 1 left. Bought it immediatley haha. Enjoy, hope it arrives

matn911 matn911 - 20/12/2016 22:50 - Report
asda have in stock now - ***********/Sony-Playstation-VR/050107330,default,pd.html just ordered mine for collection on thursday
Stacey91 Stacey91 - 20/12/2016 23:06 - Report
Thank you so much just ordered fingers crossed

matn911 matn911 - 20/12/2016 23:52 - Report
think we should be ok with ASDA!!

Stacey91 Stacey91 - 21/12/2016 08:12 - Report
I hope so they stilll have stock this morning

Stacey91 Stacey91 - 21/12/2016 10:06 - Report
What else do you need to go with the VR is is the V2 camera and the move controllers?

Alnilam81 Alnilam81 - 21/12/2016 10:34 - Report
You have to have the camera, the move controllers vary from game to game, they are more optional, although some games are suppose to be way better using them.

joannabeata joannabeata - 21/12/2016 11:15 - Like This Item Report
matn911 I do not know how to thank you and this site, just ordered from ASDA collection tomorrow I thought all hope lost!! Now I have the desired present phewwwSmile))

Stacey91 Stacey91 - 21/12/2016 11:18 - Report
Mine has been despatched ready for collection from asda tomorrow thank you matn911 and stock informer Big Grin Big Grin

matn911 matn911 - 21/12/2016 12:17 - Report
Mine has been dispatched too Smile Happyy VR on Christmas day, Glad to help

Daniellelarge1991 Daniellelarge1991 - 21/12/2016 14:19 - Report
Thanks ordered mine this morning hopefully they not messed up on stock like everywhere else keeps doing

Stacey91 Stacey91 - 21/12/2016 14:21 - Report
I think you will be ok with asda i did mine last night and got email this morning to say despatched

Daniellelarge1991 Daniellelarge1991 - 21/12/2016 14:44 - Report
I hope so just odd how it says on google before u click on asda website out of stock then when u go on website it lets you order

Victoria2681 Victoria2681 - 22/12/2016 00:22 - Report
Thank u mattn because of you i am now going to have an extremely happy boy on christmas day 😊Also thanks stock informer! .

Alnilam81 Alnilam81 - 20/12/2016 20:47 - Report
Just picked up mine that was ordered yesterday lunchtime. HUGE thank you to Stock Informer!! Best of luck to everyone still hunting.

mark36 mark36 - 20/12/2016 12:10 - Report
Ordered went through yesterday, delivery is saying 28th Dec for Northern Ireland :/

guest223484 guest223484 - 20/12/2016 11:29 - Report
Ordered mine yesterday and just had text to say it's delivered to the shop ready for collection, less than 24 hours - go tesco 😊

guest211971 guest211971 - 20/12/2016 08:34 - Report
I have been told mine has been dispatched and will arrive today! Smile thank you for this website! Smile From Jag Sahota
Admin Administrator (Twitter) - 20/12/2016 08:46 - Report
Great news! Glad you found the website useful Jag

joannabeata joannabeata - 19/12/2016 18:20 - Report
Anybody think they will be available before christmas?
guest177904 guest177904 - 19/12/2016 18:24 - Report
keep looking on here and be patient. This is a cracking website

joannabeata joannabeata - 19/12/2016 18:30 - Report
Great, thanks for quick reply. Counting on returns and new stock...where did you order yours?

guest177904 guest177904 - 19/12/2016 18:40 - Report
Tesco Direct. Got the email from here and went straight to Tesco Direct website about 11.30 this morning.

guest177904 guest177904 - 19/12/2016 17:26 - Report
managed to order mine today. current order status says Ready to Dispatch. Fingers crossed
guest177904 guest177904 - 19/12/2016 18:23 - Report
Order status now says dispatched!!!!

guest218145 guest218145 - 19/12/2016 16:51 - Report
In stock now

Alnilam81 Alnilam81 - 19/12/2016 14:48 - Report
Anyone had confirmed dispatch from the wave to stock earlier today?

Stacey91 Stacey91 - 19/12/2016 13:12 - Report
I tried to phone and place the order and they said all out of stock nowith not sure why it's still showing it is online

guest226658 guest226658 - 19/12/2016 13:00 - Report
Been trying since 12.30 out of stock!!!, now says ordered more than allowed !!!! ffs
guest164611 guest164611 - 19/12/2016 13:01 - Report
I'm getting the exact same here.

Paul Siwek Paul Siwek - 19/12/2016 13:02 - Report
check your basket !, i got that then forgot i already added it to my basket

guest226658 guest226658 - 19/12/2016 13:24 - Report
just ordered and paid

guest226658 guest226658 - 20/12/2016 09:10 - Report
Got email saying sorry unable to complete your order and will be refunded 3-5 days Sad

guest164611 guest164611 - 19/12/2016 12:51 - Report
I can't it keeps adding it to save later....really annoying !

StackyB StackyB - 19/12/2016 12:37 - Report
I have just managed to order one! It wouldn't let me at first and then I tried again and it did. Perhaps choose a different location for collection. Good luck!

Stacey91 Stacey91 - 19/12/2016 12:29 - Report
Gutted I missed it won't let me order it Sad
Alnilam81 Alnilam81 - 19/12/2016 12:36 - Report
suggest you keep trying as I just managed to order one

StackyB StackyB - 19/12/2016 12:38 - Report
I have just managed to order one! It wouldn't let me at first and then I tried again and it did. Perhaps choose a different location for collection. Good luck!

Stacey91 Stacey91 - 19/12/2016 12:44 - Report
I keep trying but no luck Sad

guest164611 guest164611 - 19/12/2016 12:51 - Report
Same here...

guest214820 guest214820 - 19/12/2016 12:25 - Report
Thankyou stock informer! I now have one intime for Christmas!

Paul Siwek Paul Siwek - 19/12/2016 12:20 - Report
just hope they stay in stock for afew days as can't get it just yet

Lonewolf9506 Lonewolf9506 - 19/12/2016 12:16 - Report
Is right

Kendo Kendo - 19/12/2016 12:03 - Like This Item Report
Got one thanks been waiting for these to come back in stock. Lucky I was sat with the wife when this alert came in to get permission.
Paul Siwek Paul Siwek - 19/12/2016 12:19 - Report
ha ha !

Hadleyw1 Hadleyw1 - 19/12/2016 11:39 - Report
Thanks guys just ordered one from tesco for an Xmas gift for my dad......
Admin Administrator (Twitter) - 19/12/2016 11:41 - Report
No worries, glad you manage to bag one before Christmas. This Tesco stock was a bit unexpected.

Alexis83 Alexis83 - 19/12/2016 09:39 - Report
Do you think Tesco will have any stock before Christmas?
Paul Siwek Paul Siwek - 19/12/2016 11:22 - Report
yes !

Lindsey1982 Lindsey1982 - 19/12/2016 11:38 - Report
In stock now

Alexis83 Alexis83 - 19/12/2016 11:48 - Report
Thanks guys, just ordered 😊

Alexis83 Alexis83 - 20/12/2016 19:46 - Report
Got mine today. Thank you to stockinformer. You alerted me straight away. Tesco were quick to deliver to store but not inform me of stock.

Guest215340 Guest215340 - 16/12/2016 16:25 - Report
Have Tesco got more in stock?
Lindsey1982 Lindsey1982 - 19/12/2016 11:49 - Report
In stock now

guest194479 guest194479 - 15/12/2016 18:20 - Like This Item Report
Thanks stock informer and Tesco. After so many attempts to try to purchase this I finally managed to order yesterday with your help. Collected today and wrapped in time for Christmas. Thank you so much!
Admin Administrator (Twitter) - 15/12/2016 19:27 - Report
No worries, glad you found the website useful Big Grin Santa

guest143298 guest143298 - 15/12/2016 16:42 - Report
Thanks Stock Informer and thanks Tesco. Just collected mine 😀

alanlead alanlead - 15/12/2016 15:37 - Report
I just picked mine up. Nice one Tesco considering I only managed to order yesterday

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