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guest504812 19/04/2020 09:10

Looks like theyre getting orders in and hoping they will get some stock in 6 weeks time. No thanks

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Fishchan - 19/04/2020 12:36

I think so. I asked them again for more info before I cancelled my order. Dont think they have any idea whether they can indeed get any stocks from Nintendo. So my advice is, better wait for alert and if u r lucky u can get one from Nintendo either via their official online shop or Amazon uk and fr. Good luck guys!


szandra 19/04/2020 00:32

May 31st? :/ I need it nowww

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Fishchan 14/04/2020 05:04

So funny. I preordered back in March. Told me stock delayed to June1st. They however had stock back on 9 April but still told me to wait till June! Not very happy with that!

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guest501870 - 19/04/2020 00:47

Have u got it?


Fishchan - 19/04/2020 02:52

Nope. Planning to cancel and get my refund. Got one from Nintendo official store already.


guest501870 - 19/04/2020 03:19

Thanks. Maybe I should cancel my order that I placed just now. ... Sad


Zeebub71 - 19/04/2020 10:00

Hmmm I just did the same but having second thoughts now


Fishchan - 19/04/2020 12:31

I have cancelled and received refund. Seems Nintendo have restock these 2 days too.


Zeebub71 - 21/04/2020 18:13

I can't see how to cancel my order. They emailed me to say expect delivery 1st July. No thanks! Managed to get one from Amazon, arriving Saturday.


Fishchan - 22/04/2020 00:13

Zeebub71, just email them and ask for cancellation and refund.

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