Discuss Tomy Foam Cone Factory Stock at Hamleys

Discuss Tomy Foam Cone Factory Stock @ Tomy Foam Cone Factory at Hamleys


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guest68803 11/12/2015 06:47

Managed to purchase one from Hamleys but have just received email saying that they cannot fill my order and I will not be charged, disappointing!!

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sbfgirl - 11/12/2015 06:57

same here!!


madge8611 - 12/12/2015 09:59

Same here, also the same happ*end at Smyths! Sad


sbfgirl - 12/12/2015 18:44

snap 2 very early mornings 2 losses maybe tomorrow morning will be my lucky one 😊


Emmsyx 11/12/2015 06:30

its not free delivery

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Administrator - 11/12/2015 07:43

what was delivery?


sbfgirl - 11/12/2015 07:54

£5.50 for delivery


Administrator - 11/12/2015 08:09

Thanks, now updated.


guest72601 10/12/2015 15:36

I managed to bag one at 3:18pm, just waiting for confirmation email. I won't hold out hope though, these things are like gold dust. Looks like the website is getting hammered from cone factory hunters right now.

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guest69245 - 10/12/2015 15:40

finally let me add to basket and checkout, also waiting for confirmation email, fingers crossed


guest72601 - 10/12/2015 15:42

My order changed to stock allocated now, so looks good. I've been hunting for one for my niece for a couple of weeks now. I've got my fingers crossed for you too.


guest69245 - 10/12/2015 15:50

mines showing payment authorised, did yours show that before u got stock allocated?


guest72601 - 10/12/2015 15:52

Yes, directly before Stock allocated. It took 12 mins to get a stock allocation. My order confirmation email has just come through now, 33 minutes after I completed the checkout process.


guest72601 - 10/12/2015 15:53

It looks like they have now removed the cone factory from the website, I can't see it listed anymore when using the search panel.


guest72601 - 10/12/2015 15:54

Nevermind, its there but it wont show up on a search. ***********hamleys****/tomy-foam-cone-factory.ir Showing out of stock now.


guest69245 - 10/12/2015 16:06

still saying payment auth but have just received confirmation email so hopefully should be ok, will see


guest69245 10/12/2015 15:25

showing in stock, but wont let you add to basket, keeps kicking me out

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guest69245 - 10/12/2015 16:08

the only way i could add it to basket was to search PRE-SCHOOL then BATH TOYS (hope this helps someone)


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