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Discuss VTech InnoTab (Blue) Stock @ VTech InnoTab (Blue) at Selfridges

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kerry 13/11/2011 09:30

mine on order too! getting delivered by 17th! very happy Smile thx stock informer!

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Monique 13/11/2011 08:48

Ordered mine - thanks so much Stock Informer.

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kerry - 15/11/2011 09:36

hello! yours been dispatched yet?


Monique - 15/11/2011 10:18

Yes, I got an e-mail yesterday that my order 'had left the building' and was on its way. Has yours been dispatched?


kerry - 15/11/2011 10:52

thats ok then! yes got the same thing as u! keep checkin status and only says dispatched! nothin about sayin in transit so can not track it yet! does urs say the same?


Monique - 15/11/2011 10:55

Yes, mine is also just saying dispatched. Will keep an eye on it Smile


Monique - 15/11/2011 13:16

Mine had been delivered. So happy! Any sign of yours?


kerry - 15/11/2011 14:06

no not yet! and still can not track it? if u dont mind me askin but what area to u live at msy give me idea if i will get mine today! as fed up with waitin in for it now lol Sad glad u have yours! enjoy! we let u no when mine arrives!


Monique - 15/11/2011 14:30

We're in Chichester. Hope it arrives soon.


kerry - 16/11/2011 08:10

hello i can now track it though parcelforce! is at gatwick depot in transit ready for delivery! so should get it today as we we in horley! can not belive i am getting do excited over my sons xmas prezzie! he better love it as it was so hard to get it! lol


kerry - 16/11/2011 08:12

sorry if msg is all muddle typin it from my iphone lol


Monique - 16/11/2011 08:28

Yay - so glad it is nearly with you. Yes, hope our boys love them after all of this Smile. Take care and hope you have a lovely Christmas


kerry - 16/11/2011 13:40

yeah finally came! really happy now! gonna open and have a play with it hehe! u too have a fab xmas! takecare! Smile



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