Furby Release Date

Posted 24 August 2012 - By Mike Green

Furby UK Release Date

The official UK Furby release date is Monday 24th September 2012 and has a recommended retail price of £59.99.

Amazon, Toys R Us and Argos are currently taking pre-orders for delivery. Furby will initially be available in six different colours with Amazon and Toys R Us allowing you to choose exactly which colour you desire. However Argos only have the option of a 'Hot' or 'Cool' colour. With 'Hot' you will randomly get either Teal/Blue, Black or White and with 'Cool' you will randomly get either Purple/Pink, Red or Yellow. Previous experience has shown that if you buy in store and ask an Argos member of staff nicely, they maybe able to look at the stock on their shelves to ensure you get exact colour you are looking for.

Demand for the original Furby in the late 90's was huge with Hasbro selling over 40 millions units over a three period. The latest incarnation has been reborn with new electronics, motions and artificial intelligence and can interact with an iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad bringing it in line with a new generation of children.

The United States has a slightly earlier release date of 16th September 2012.

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