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Worked great and was able to purchase what I needed. Thank youH

Catherine Johnson 02/02/2019

Great service - thank you

Rachael Green 31/01/2019

Fantastic! What more can I say!

Mrs M Turner 31/01/2019

I thought your updates were brilliant, thank you so much! Will sign up again if I need a product that is in demand. Thanks again, Sarah

Sarah Brautigam 25/01/2019

Thank you for your emails alerts - I finally got the airwrap! It did take lots of trying as I always missed out but perseverance paid off!

Sandra 22/01/2019

At first I was very sceptical about the site and quiried wether or not it was reliable. However I gave it a chance and signed up too receive notifications for the Dyson Airwrap. To my amazement I started too receive push notifications and emails and they where very accurate and have me a very early response too thing coming in stock. Unfortunately at the start, businesses where advertising stock at 04:00 and I was in bed. But eventually I was in the right place at the right time and if it wasn't for the stock informer I would have never known. Very reliable and I will definitely use again.

Christopher Morris 16/01/2019

I only signed up for for alerts last night and got one this morning so was able to order what I wanted straight away. This sight is very helpful, will definitely use again

Molly 22/12/2018
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