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Helpful service - thank you. Used for a purchase.

Rob 11/01/2018

Your service is really useful and a great idea. I've used it for two products and am really happy with the outcome for both. Thanks for taking the blind panic out of present buying!!! Have already recommended it to others.

Paul 15/12/2017

Thank you at last I have purchased the Nintendo SNES. Would not of been possible without your help and up to date emails thank you so much you have made a grandsons Christmas.

Teresa Crowley 13/12/2017

Awesome! Got the SNES Mini for my brother. Excellent service!

Ayub 13/12/2017

Excellent service. Unsubscribing now but was incredibly useful. Thanks for making it available for free! Jon

Jon 13/12/2017

Used it to buy a SNES as everywhere online was sold out. Got an alert from Stock Informer and bought on the website a couple of minutes later. It arrived before its estimated despatch time and I'm delighted with it. Can't wait to gift it at Christmas!

Mary 13/12/2017

Excellent updates just got hold of SNES from tesco without paying over the odds and free click and collect

Daniel 08/12/2017

I thought as my kids got older (now 23) I would not have the task of getting them the "must have, "hard to get" "out of stock" present. However thanks to you I have, with your help, saved Christmas! I don't understand how you do it,but THANK YOU for help in getting a SNES at retail price from reputable uk retailer. Merry Christmas!

Dave 03/12/2017

Just a quick note to say thank you for the stock alret email. What a brilliant service! I received the email for a Super Nintendo Entertainment System SNES Classic Mini, followed the link provided and was able to purchase the item straight away. Five minutes later out of curiosity I clicked on the link again and the item was out of stock, perfect timing. Cheers

James Green 01/12/2017

Thanks for helping me get a mini SNES, much appreciated!

James Tilburn 28/11/2017

Got your email informing me of where I could finally get Nintendo snes.Went onto the website and got it.Bargain at £ this also includes the adapter which is usually an extra.Most impresses with this website.Strongly recommend.

Isobel Mcintosh 24/11/2017

Just taken delivery of Snes mini. Bought from Amazon France for just £75 including delivery. Thanks for your help.

Susan Charman 21/11/2017

Really helped me find my boyfriend the SNES. Ended up buying it from Germany! Thanks so much.

Rebecca 16/11/2017

Excellent service, I was notified that the product was available on the official Nintendo webiste and purchased, 5 minutes later it was out of stock! So I am glad I signed up for notifications! Thank you!

Andrew Jackson 09/11/2017

Thank you - followed your tip re Amazon France for the SNES Classic. Ordered and was here within a few days. As I chose to pay in Euro’s rather than pounds and used my credit card (which has no currency fees) I ended up paying about £83 for it. Item looks perfect. Will have one very happy 14 year old come Christmas Dat.

Nicola Ferguson 06/11/2017

Fantastic service - regular updates and got my console after a week of subscribing

R Hartill 01/11/2017

Thank you so much guys, I was able to finally track down an SNES Classic Mini thanks to you!

Alaa Alayat 28/10/2017

Amazing, I finally managed to get hold of a SNES from today. Push notification arrived and within a few minutes I had bought it after trying for over a month and missing out - thanks so much!

Carl Collinge 24/10/2017

Just want to say a massive thankyou! Finally got my Nintendo snes mini today can't belive I actually got one all thanks to you! I been every were for the past month or so even considerd paying the extra off eBay for my boy but glad I held on so thankyou ever so much don't pay over the odds you will get one thanks stock informer one very happy mommy!

Samantha Turner 24/10/2017

I first heard of Stock Informer back when the iPhone 6s was released. I’ll be completely honest, I was a little wary of signing up, the website looked pretty basic (sorry) and just had the look of a site I wouldn’t normally trust. So I held off. But fast forward to a few months ago when I decided I wanted a Mini SNES when it released and couldn’t be bothered to check all of the shops myself. Noticing that Stock Informer was still alive and kicking I decided it must be doing something right, so I took a chance. As it turns out and as anyone who’s used the website will probably tell you, there is nothing to worry about. Not only is Stock Informer safe to use, it’s an amazing service. (Incidentally, as far as I can tell I’ve had no spam emails as a result of signing up, I get the same spam I’ve been getting for ages, no new additions.) Thanks to Stock Informer not only did I get my Mini SNES, I got a couple for friends and family too. This site deserves all the praise that can be heaped upon it, it is incredibly useful and whoever created it is borderline genius. If I have one problem with it, it’s that it doesn’t offer every product under the sun. I kid of course. But you can submit requests for new products to be added. Sign up and reap the rewards, tell your friends, tell everyone, because no-one could possibly regret using this website. (No, I’m not in any was affiliated or associated with the website or it’s owner.)

Stuart Mclean 24/10/2017

I got my SNES from Amazon in Spain thanks to you. So thank you very much for this service!

Sally Wilkes 21/10/2017

Thank you for letting me know the mini SNES was in stock, got one! Great service and website

Annon 20/10/2017

Thank you for this super service - for two years running I have been able to get hold of the mini Nintendo console for my obsessed son at a fair price - this year through Amazon Spain; last year directly from Nintendo.

Penny 12/10/2017

Just want to say thanks, managed to bag a SNES mini on my second attempt after an alert from you service. Much appreciated. I would have got the first attempt as well had I not run out of mobile data. Will use again for sure!

Paul Larkins 06/10/2017

Thanks got SNES for my grandson for xmas as direct result of your stock alert. Amazing website will recommend.

Debbie Allen 03/10/2017

Really pleased, stockinformer notified me of Snes stock availability, and I was able to place a pre-order

Sandra 01/10/2017

After several missed opportunities, I finally secured a pre-order this morning at All thanks to Stockinformer, i may be paying slightly more, but it beats the ransom those scalpers ask for!! Thanks again Stockinformer.

Simon 01/10/2017

This worked for me...i had no intention of checking various websites hourly...this came up with Tesco Direct where it was indeed still available and I bought it. A happy punter...thank you stock informer:-)

Nick M 30/09/2017

Great! I got my Nintendo Mini SNES from your stock notification. Thank you!

Samuel Bradbury 28/09/2017

Naively i thought i would be able to buy the Snes Mini off the shelf..Wasnt until i started looking i realised my mistake..NO stock anywhere. Thanks to Stock Informer the problem was solved and purchase completed..Would not have happened without this great site..Many thanks !!!

Mal Driskel 28/09/2017

Fantastic service! So easy and simple, and reliable. Much aprreciated

Tobias Tuleby 27/09/2017

Brilliant service thanks to which I managed to pre order a mini SNES direct from Nintendo!

Steve Dodds 27/09/2017

Thank you! Your service was easy to set up and has now worked to get me two very hard-to-find products in the space of a month - just brilliant. Thanks so much for supplying such a great bit of tech for Britain's geeks - it's very highly appreciated. You rock.

Nick 25/09/2017

Great! Worked for me. I requested a re-shock alert from Tesco. I got an email from Stock Informer 20 mins before Tesco's email alert. I bought the product before i even got Tesco alert.

Garry Gribbon 21/09/2017

Just managed to order a snes mini from Amazon France thanks to the stock informer. Thanks! 👍

Lisa 18/09/2017

Great service, audio alert did its stuff and I got my SNES pre-order sorted within a few minutes.

Martinw 14/09/2017

Hi - I visited the website for the first time ever today, ten minutes later the alarm went and I managed to get a mini snes, been trying for months. Thanks! Great service you run. James

James 14/09/2017

As soon as I received the email i was able to log onto Amazon France and make my pre-order for the SNES within 3-4 minutes tops. What i really liked was the details within the email which helped. I would recommend letting users know that they also ship to the U.S.A. as that's where I'm located and was worried for a moment that they didn't ship overseas. Thanks so much for the service. I'm happy I was able to see my phone just as the notification came in.!

Cyril Kakulu 06/09/2017

Thanks to this site I was recently able to secure a pre-order of the mini SNES at Game. Keep up the great work.

Sam 09/07/2017

After missing numerous opportunities and simply not being online at the right time, I signed up to your email alerts... and you came through just a couple of days later! I've been able to snag a Mini Classic SNES on pre-order, all thanks to you. A brilliant service I'd recommend to anyone.

Sean 05/07/2017

You run a excellent service received your stock alert for SNES mini clicked the link for Tesco 3 mins later had the preorder you even beat Tesco own stock alert which came up 20 mins after yours will use you again and recommend you to everyone I speak to. Sign me up for the alerts for the n64 mini cause you know it will be coming Many thanks

David Stern 05/07/2017

Brilliant site, thanks for your help Stock Informer. Keep up the good work!

Smitgar 05/07/2017

Thanks to you I have a chance of getting one. Fingers crossed my preorder doesn't get cancelled.

Lloyd 04/07/2017

Hi, I just wanted to give you a big thank you for helping me find (by way of a prompt alert email) the item I was looking for. What a great service you are providing. Thanks again

Adrian Needs 04/07/2017

thanks to your site just got a pre order for snes mini from tesco

Darren Snook 04/07/2017
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