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Great service informed me as soon as there was ps move controller stock available and managed to buy some! Thanks so much

Craig 07/04/2020

Wouldn’t have got mine without you. Thank you.

Yousif Al-Daffaie 01/03/2020

Absolutely fantastic service. Been looking for PS Move Controller for months and found this site. Checked out some of the retailers history and saw Argos did stock them but they went out of stock within minutes. I registered with Stock Informer at lunchtime and just a couple of hours later I got an email saying my local store had the controller in stock. Got it ordered and picked up within 24 hours. Very happy mum and extremely happy son. Thank you

Sue 01/04/2019

Absolutely brilliant!!! I have to take my hat off to this service as I had been waiting months for the PS MOVE controllers to become available and after months of calling stores and dry calling to no avail, I got an email from “Stockinformer” telling me they were available! So I went online and reserved one from my local Game store and collected the next day!! I am exeptionly pleased with the service provided from yourselves! A huge thumbs up!!

Steve Harvey 15/03/2019

Great service - email alert got me online late at night to grab a controller before it disappeared. Son so happy. Thank you!!!

Carol Stewart 14/01/2017

I've been looking for the last month for PlayStation move controller. I did end up ordering one but delivery was after Christmas,as this was a Xmas present that wasn't good. I joined stock informer and they alerted me when it was available. I ordered one and I can pick it up in a couple of days. So thank you all for your work,I can guarantee some lad is going to have a very happy Christmas!!

Denise 09/12/2016
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