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Excellent service....thanks.....with your help I managed to get two more of these as gifts because I was so impressed with my own!

S Halliwell 11/06/2013

I have just placed my order for the PS4 with free delivery, fantastic, not sure what the knack bundle is thought. Many thanks

Kerry 18/11/2013

Received an email today to say I could pre order PS4 at Asda direct which had been updated today. Been looking all over! Clicked on it, pre ordered and paid straight away. Excellent service - many thanks.

Stephanie B 21/11/2013

I would like to thank you guys for keeping this stock checker so up to date, managed to get my self an X1 all thanks to you guys.

Luke 22/11/2013

thanks to you i managed to buy my xbox one today from argos which after being messed around by the microsoft site was a great help thank you.

Neil 22/11/2013

Excellent service, I has only been registered for 15 minutes when this website found me an Xbox One, will now have a very happy son on Christmas Day, thank you.

Lee Vest 23/11/2013

Thank you sooooooooo much!Just managed to buy "lucy the dog" for my daughter for christmas after searching for stock for weeks! Fantastic site! We will have one very happy 4 year old christmas morning!

Nicky 23/11/2013

I have found this service excellent within 24 hrs of registering and recieving alerts I was able to reserve a Lucy the Dog at my local argos and happily went to collect her yesterday. I have spent weeks checking stores and websites for this item and your service made it easy. I will definitely be singing your praises to friends and family. Thanks

Kate Harrison 23/11/2013

Thank you so much. Using your service I was able to buy an Xbox One within 24 hours even though everything I read elsewhere gave me the impression that I would be lucky to get one before Christmas. I will definitely be recommending you to all my friends. Great service! Regards Alan Cornish.

Alan Cornish 26/11/2013

Afternoon Guys, Just wanted to say thanks. I was checking your site yesterday morning and managed to bag one of the £549 deals from GAME. Arrived this morning. I previously had an order with Shopto that I ordered on sunday and they say I wont recieve until 'before christmas' Thanks a bunch, great site.

Graham 26/11/2013

What can i say but thankyou stock informer today 26th Nov i have managed to lay my hands on an x-box one through argos after getting an audible alarm. As soon as i got the alarm to say they had them in stock i went straight to their webpage. paid for it through paypal and rang them as i had an order other day that didnt go through. I cant tell you how happy i am now to be getting my x box i had it pre ordered with amazon as well but that was for 13th dec i am getting mine tomorrow now and its all down to you here with your alarms so again thankyou so much.

Sean Morris 26/11/2013

Much love to you guys! I tried my local Tesco Extra on the midnight launch and again the following morning to no avail. On my way back to the car, I got an email from you advising of stock on the Microsoft store, so I got home as quickly as possible and made the order. All was well and it arrived yesterday. Thanks a lot, I only missed the launch by a couple of days thanks to you! :)

Gary 26/11/2013

Hi thank you so much for your help regarding Xbox One. We have now received ours from Argos. many thanks

Lyn Brown 28/11/2013

Hi your stock informer was brilliant and managed to get my son his xbox one. Thank You.

Lynn Gregg 28/11/2013

Hi,I must admit i had my reservations about this site being able to come up with the goods and at first i was'nt sure but eventually they did not let me down. After a few days of email alerts for preorders up to day one release and being sold out it seems i was just slightly too slow and by the time the email alert gets to you a few precious minutes are gone,so i logged on after traipsing down to Asda Aintree at 10.oclockto find that i was about 6 hours too late in the queue and that they only had an extra 50 units so disheartened i checked emails at midnight and lo and behold at 12.05am some stock at John Lewis....Was too slow again. So i decided to leave stock informer in the background with audible alerts,after 1 hour whilst slowly nodding off i was shocked by a foghorn sounding noise coming from the pc, quickly realising it was stock informer i checked their tab and green stock showing at Tesco and pressed the redirect button OMG they had stock so i quickly put 1 in the basket(good price too) logged on and filled in my payment detail prssed a few more buttons and blimey im gonna be the proud owner of a PS4 with knack bundle for £385 delivered latest Tuesday. A bit of patience and perseverance and these guys are Gods. Stock informer i bow to you....I am not worthy. PS Asda stop telling all the media you will have a load of stock for people who didnt preorder,1 hours round trip plus fuel for disapointment Tesco are the Daddies of Supermarkets hehe. bye

Alexander Johnson 29/11/2013

Brilliant service. Used your notification email to get a xbox one from microsoft this morning. Christmas panic over. Cheers

Barry Bearman 29/11/2013

Excellent web site really helped me out a lot would really recommend .

Robert Curtis 29/11/2013

stock informer i cant thank you enough, i managed to reserve a click and collect killzone ps4 through your site.with out your site it was aimless. once again a bg thak you. great job

Joanne 29/11/2013

AMAZING! Discovered this website after trawling many sites to try and get an XBOX One. The alarm went off and I successfully ordered today. Would recommend to anyone on the planet.

Tom Higginson 30/11/2013

I had my doubts on finding a PS4 on release day, but thanks to stockinformer.co.uk I bought from Argos the Killzone package and it was delivered the very next day. So thanks guys, your efforts were and are greatly appreciated. Simon, from Surrey.

Simon Ashton 01/12/2013

Just managed to buy an Xbox One from Argos using next day home delivery, thanks to your email stock alert. Was just about to give up hope of getting one in time for Christmas. Happy customer, well done Stock Informer.

Smitfire 02/12/2013


P Casey 02/12/2013

This is an amazing site! Well done

Tanvir 02/12/2013

Want to give a huge thanks as I managed to pick up a PlayStation 4 bundle today because of your stock checker. Thanks a lot and I hope you guys have a great Christmas!

Aaron Batha 02/12/2013

After Amazon's delivery being 'lost' on route to our address, it seemed nearly impossible to get an Xbox One before Christmas, all the major stores said "Out of Stock" - I found the Stock Informer and set up stock alert in case one became available within my area. Within 24 hours I'd located a console and received a shipping confirmation. 1 working day later, theres a knock at my door and the lovely UPS man handed over our brand new shiny Xbox One! Thank you for this website, it saved Christmas :)

Victoria Palmer 02/12/2013

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