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I had tried since launch to find PS4 stock and had given up hope of getting one before Christmas but fortunately because I checked your site this morning when I woke up: I now have a PS4 reserved!

Michael Rimicans 06/12/2013

i just want to say a huge thank you - my ps4 is due to be delivered next week :) i was losing the will watching the stock feeds but getting a text through saying amazon had them in stock - awesome.

Wendy 06/12/2013

BRILLIANT Thankyou so much, I got your e mail, went straight to Amazon and got my PS4. I am over the moon, as my son will be at Xmas!! Thanks again

Christine Patterson 06/12/2013

Thankyou so much for your txt msg with the update that there was stock in amazon. You have truely saved xmas for my son as we managed to order a ps4. All the very best for xmas and the new yr Kevin

Kevin 06/12/2013

A colleague told me about this service when I was desperately trying to get a PS4 for my son for Christmas. We all registered and between us managed to be on your site at the right time as it popped up that an outlet had some on sale, and was successful ! Absolutely delighted at how efficient and effective your site is, and accurate in the information quoted. Will definitely use it in the future. Thank YOu

Louise Keenan 06/12/2013

great website, you text me yesterday and i have now ordered a ps4 in time for xmas, thanks

Joanne 06/12/2013

Fantastic service, I am so glad i found your site !!Just ordered a ps4 from amazon due to your fantastic site ...keep up the great work xx

Lynn 06/12/2013

Thank you, helped me snap up a new in stock ps4 bundle... delivery next day i cannot wait.

Maxine 06/12/2013

I would like to thank you for finding me the x box one I went on your site and you found me one in argos store in barry, you just may of saved my son Christmas thanks again

Stephen Webster 06/12/2013

thank you, heard that annoyingly loud audible alarm from the bathroom,came running to PC and managed to get a ps4 bundle from game in time for Christmas. thank you and keep up the good work!

Saira 06/12/2013

What a fantastic service! Your emails averted a Christmas present disaster! Thank you so much :)

Lisa 07/12/2013

Very pleased with the service, after a couple of disappointments I managed to get hold of what I was after & it took the legwork out of the search.

S Adkins 07/12/2013

I am in love with this website! You have made the impossible happen! I am now the proud owner of the elusive xbox one! I looked this morning and saw that they were xbox ones in stock in tesco and one hour later i had one!!! Soo happy! Fantastic website, great tool for tracking down stock that is in high demand. I will be recommending this to everyone! Thank you!!

Lyndsey 07/12/2013

Great site thanks for helping me find my ps4 for Christmas. Got it from amazon.

Ricky 07/12/2013

Great work managed to reserve a xbox one from argos and picked it up the next day,my son is going to be one happy lad come Christmas morning. I wouldn't have got one without using your stock checker,it took the hassle away and made it so easy,didnt have to get ripped off by buying off eBay either. THANKS ALAN

Alan 08/12/2013

I have found your service invaluable. I managed to secure an Xbox one for my son which is now safely hidden awaiting Christmas morning. Thank You

Fiona Young 08/12/2013

Thanks for your help. We now have a ps4.£ yippee.

Marion 09/12/2013

Great service I managed to get the item I needed within 2 days of registering Brilliant!

Chris Saunders 09/12/2013

EXCELLENT services registered with you on Friday 6th December for Xbox one, received email Saturday 7th December stating Tescos have them in stock,ordered just waiting for it to be delivered today for my sons birthday. Thank you for your help saved me hours of searching.

Jane Williams 09/12/2013

Hi Thanks to you i will have a very happy grand daughter Xmas morning. Just ordered Lucy dog after your stock informer Email. Thank you so much

Mr Melvyn Kindred 09/12/2013

Thank you so much - I thought I had already ruined my 4 year olds Xmas morning and her belief in Father Christmas by not finding Lucy Dog.... and now I have just bought it!!!! Thank you for making a 4 year old's (and her mum's!!!) dreams come true.

Lucy Myers 09/12/2013

Thanks to your website I have just managed to buy an x box one. Amazing service thank you so much! I signed up to text alerts which I didn't receive but you did send me an email to say a certain shop had them in stock so I followed the link and managed to buy one thanks so very much I will have one happy son on Christmas day!

Lysa Morrison 10/12/2013

I found an Xbox One through Stock Infomer, brilliant system. Thanks.

Mark Upson 10/12/2013

Thanks got one! Great service

Hazel Mcintosh 10/12/2013

I have just ordered killer zone from asda direct for home delivery for Saturday .have been trying to get hold of one since it come out very happy.

Cheryl Howlett 10/12/2013

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