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Thanks so much for letting me no about stock of ps4 u have probably made a lot of kids xmas happy Thankyou

Sue Livingston 14/12/2013

An excellent service. Got the notification in for Lucy the Dog and was able to sucessfully buy it. Thank you so much.

Annette Robertson 14/12/2013

Absolutely amazing service. Was starting to get really worried that we wouldn't be able to get a PS4 before Christmas but Stock Informer has been a life saver!! Got the alert at 7:30 this morning and got onto it straight away! We still can't believe we've managed to get one, thank you Stock Informer!

J Cosciani 14/12/2013

Could not have got a ps4 without your help thanks again, I have told other people that are looking to use you, Ian

Ian Barron 14/12/2013

Awesome, can't believe I managed to get stock from Tesco from your email this morning. I collect tomorrow. Fab thank you. Merry christmas Denise

Denise Whittaker 14/12/2013

I am over the moon with your service! I have successfully purchased a PS4 thanks to your reliable stock alerts!! thank you very much - I have one happy teeager this Xmas.

Debbie Cokeley 14/12/2013

What a Great service.

Thank You 14/12/2013

Thank you, you're so much nicer than Santa this year ! I'm going to have one very happy and surprised son on the 25th, he didn't think we'd find one before Xmas. Little did he know that you and your fantastic site existed. Merry Christmas to you.

Stock Informer Fan 14/12/2013

Thank you for helping obtain a Lucy dog. I found the site very easy to use and most helpful.

Catherine 14/12/2013

just like to say many thanks for your fantastic service helping me get a ps4 for xmas you are stars hope you have a happy Christmas x

Pete 14/12/2013

Thanks for your brilliant web site I have now got my son the christmas present he wanted.

Lorna Heath 15/12/2013

First class ,

David Potter 15/12/2013

I would like to say thank you to stock informer. I have been able to buy Lucy the Dog after tracking it on your site for the last few weeks. I would use the site and recommend to others if struggling to purchase anything in the future.

Lyn 15/12/2013

Thanks a million, great website,even this silver surfer managed to obtain PS4 going to have very happy little boy(31)this Christmas!

Carol Edwards 16/12/2013

Brilliant website, was able to get console for Xmas present thanks to there email alerts.Definitely worth signing up.

Tanya 16/12/2013

Great service

Sean Bowles 16/12/2013

Excellent service, received notification that PS4's were in stock at Asda and went online and completed my purchase. An invaluable website. My children are going to be so excited

Winnie Mawoyo 16/12/2013

Thank you so much! :)

Julie White 16/12/2013

Thank you. You're service is easily the best for stock tracking I've ever used. Have an amazing Christmas! Cheers, Umer

Muhammad Siddiqi 16/12/2013

Thank you stock informer for alerting me about stock in Argos. Managed to secure one for myself and also my sister in law. Within 10 minutes of buying them they were all sold out again. Would recommend your alert service to everyone it's fantastic!!

Pamela Gray 16/12/2013

Decided last minute to get PS4 for Christmas but it had only been out for 2/3 weeks and was out of stock everywhere. I kept going on big sites as Tesco, Asda and Argos all said they were getting stock before Christmas. Had just been on Tesco site when I found your site, which said there was stock at Tesco with a link and lo and behold there was 1 in stock! I don't know how you do it but thank you! I am super impressed with your service and will be visiting your website again. Thank you very much! :-)

Rosemary 16/12/2013

Dear Stock Checker, I had came to the conclusion that we would get a PS4 after Christmas hopefully. After using you easy to use and well designed Web site I have just been made very happy to have been able to purchase one from Asda. Your website has been so useful and made Christmas. Keep up the great work I am such an ambassador of Stockinformer.co.uk !!!

Lewis Conway 16/12/2013

Great service.....managed to get what I was after when hearing the alert..Many thanks

Christine Marson 16/12/2013

thanks to you today i think i have managed to purchase a ps4 via amazon,when i say think, i mean i have had a confirmation of my order but must wait for the delivery conformation but hopes are high and as a first time user too buying over the internet and of your site 5***** many thanks

Alan Hutchings 16/12/2013

Brilliant, thank you so much.

Nikki Hunting 16/12/2013

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