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It has taken a good few attempts but I have now purchased a ps4 via amazon! Your stock alert woke me and this time it wasn't wasted, Thank you

Alex 17/12/2013

I just checked with Amazon on the link you sent to me and yeeeaaahhhsss landed i got one been looking everywhere, nice surprise for my boy for Christmas.one very happy mam thank you very much.xx

Tracy 17/12/2013

A brilliant service, successful in sourcing a much wanted Christmas present, would certainly use again.

Sue 17/12/2013

Hi just would like to say a BIG thank you I got a ps4 thanks stock informer with all your email alerts

Mani 17/12/2013

Found your site by accident and was so happy. I managed to order a Playstation 4 for my fiance on Saturday with the help from your site and it turned up on tuesday. You have made a grown man very happy this Christmas... Thankyou so much.

Fiona 17/12/2013

Hello i would like to thank your company for finding a ps4 for me, I had pre ordered the ps4 from amazon but no stock was available. Then stock informer told me that there was a ps4 with knack on amazon so i cancelled my first order from the 8th dec which had no stock and then ordered the ps4 with knack and i am getting it on 18th thanks to stock informer.co.uk meny thanks Andrew Ayres.

Andrew Ayres 17/12/2013

I just wanted to thank you so very much. I managed to buy a PS4 this morning from amazon thanks to your stock alert email and text, without this i don't think i would have got one. I tried 3 times yesterday when they became available but just kept missing out. I'm a very happy lady and know my partner will be really when he opens his pressie on Christmas morning. Thank you again stock informer. I will definitely use you again and tell my friends and family about your wonderful service.

Dawn Rowley 17/12/2013

Thankyou for your service, I have now purchased Lucy the dog soft toy. Much appreciated , well done.

Patricia Owens 17/12/2013

I was desperately struggling to get my hands on a PS4 in time for Christmas, as I didn't pre-order, as I had spoke to mates and no one seemed to be getting one, so I never realised how hard they'd be to get! Thanks to Stock Informer I managed to get my hands on one, without out (much) blood, sweat and tears! Ordered on the Friday, received by the Monday, despite the media saying it was impossible to get a PS4! Sent it to Santa so he can bring it me on Christmas Day! #Ooosh #MiracleWorkers

Adam Marshall 17/12/2013

This is the first time I have used stock informer but am impressed. Following an email alert I secured a PS4 from Tesco direct on Saturday and picked it up Monday. Result !

Gina Pyke 17/12/2013

Great Service, managed to get a PS4 before XMAS because of it! Thanks!

Dylan Russell 17/12/2013

Thank you so much for this service I have managed to purchase a PS 4 through your help. It did take a few attempts over the past 2 weeks but I would recommend this to everyone. You have to be quick and act as soon as email alert has arrived or you will miss out. I was beginning to think that the alerts were incorrect, as when I went to suggested sites the product was out of stock but like I said you have to check immediately or they will be sold out again. I will have one very happy husband on Christmas Day when he opens his surprise . I managed to purchase from Amazon and delivery is on the 20th

Donna Wainwright 18/12/2013

Really brilliant service - trying to track down the elusive PS4 for my sons for christmas - missed out on three stock alerts - stock was gone by the time I logged on - but yesterday got one from Amazon thanks to your stock alert. Brilliant. Thanks so much.

Simon Mattacks 18/12/2013

Thank you! I thought I was never going to get a PS4 before Xmas!

Scott Davies 18/12/2013

Great service,thank you so much!

Sharon 18/12/2013

Thanks to your updates you have enabled me to fulfil my son's Christmas wish for a PS4! Thank you!

Toni 18/12/2013

Fantastic website, helped me source and secure a PS4 which has been delivered today. Thanks to Stock Informer there will be big smiles on my childrens faces on Christmas morning. A big thanks to all the team at Stock informer and I wish you every success for the future.

Gurpreet Anand 18/12/2013

Thanks very much for your brilliant service! I'm really grateful to have found this website :)

Caroline Barrett 18/12/2013

Great updates and I got my purchase in time for Xmas, thank you!

Mrs Wildey 18/12/2013

Thank you so much!Merry Christmas to everyone!

Adriana Murrone 18/12/2013

Thanks very much, due to this service i have eventually been successful in getting a ps4 ordered much to the delight of my son, Great work thanks for your help. C Burns

C Burns 18/12/2013

managed to get console thanks to text alert .at 5am i went on tesco online and had one apparently they were sold out by 6:50 am. so thanks

Delyth Morris 18/12/2013

Just like to say a big thanks for finding me a ps4. Hopefully you will find me furbys aswell. Great website. Will certainly use again and recommend to friends

Linda Younger 18/12/2013

Thank you for your help now acquired ps4 console thanks to your help

Barbara Chapman 19/12/2013

Very good web site helped greatly in getting my item. Thanks

Brian 19/12/2013

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