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Got my ps4 last weeken from john Lewis after checking your site, never would've thought they even sold them. Good work made a 36 year old gamer very happy

Andy Herbert 08/01/2014

Thanks stock informer got my ps at last from my local Argos at retail price thanks to you guys for keeping me up to date when stock came in brilliant service thanks again

Gerald Scallan 08/01/2014

You helped me secure my xbox 1 from argos within mins of time frame and I really apricate this. Great work! Liam

Liam 09/01/2014

i registerad because i was looking for a playstation 4 for my son like hundreds of others. i got one of your emails saying amazon had got stock i got on there site from my phone and managed to get one which was deliverd on christmas eve RESULT Thankyou very much for your service

Mr Gordon Beevers 10/01/2014

Your service was brilliant. By checking stock we managed to get hold of a playstation 4 for our son before xmas, sadly something went wrong with it 3 weeks after, but we are happy again that after a week by checking stock checker he is again a proud owner of a playstation, it saved us going through evey shop our selves checking, great service. Thankyou

Jacqueline Ruffini 25/01/2014

I stupidly thought that after Xmas I'd have no problem getting hold of a PS4 for my Son's birthday. How wrong I was. My daughter told me about this service and today I have managed to order one through Argos to arrive tomorrow! Why can't all services be like yours? I'm impressed so thank you very much.

Samantha Gaskell 05/03/2014

Your site is brilliant! Only managed to find you yesterday but I have already managed to get a 'Snow Glow Elsa' doll for my granddaughter today. What a fantastic service! Many thanks Stock Informer, Sue xxx

Sooz 14/11/2014

Hi thank you so much for your help have now got three dolls for my grandchildren ,problem is need one more as I have four granddaughters so if you can help me again would be so so happy to see all there faces Xmas morning many thanks

Lyn 16/11/2014

Thank you for your information on the snow glow dolls ,I managed to get two for my granddaughters ,from the Crawley Argos store as soon as I got the email thank you once again .carol

Carol 17/11/2014

Many Thanks stock locator I have just purchased Elsa Snow Glow from Toys R Us Once again many thanks

Gaynor 17/11/2014

Brilliant website, will have one happy 5 year old Christmas morning. Many thanks, Michelle

Michelle Hall 20/11/2014

Absolutely fantastic just ordered item.best service ever thanks

Andrea 21/11/2014

Thank you so much for your amazing tracking info. It is thanks to you that I managed to pre order a snow glow elsa doll which arrived today. This saved me having to queue in the shops and saved my daughter a huge disappointment on Xmas day. I will not hesitate to use your website again or recommend it to anyone. ☺

Joanne Stewart 21/11/2014

I have used stock informer twice now and have managed to get the item i was after both times so it is a great help and has stopped me having an upset daughter!

Sarah Hartshorn 21/11/2014

This is amazing!! I had been manually checking every site, calling shops about deliveries of the Snow Glow Elsa for weeks and within 2 days of being on stock informer I managed to reserve and pick one up. I'm so grateful and will definitely be recommending to everyone! Thank you x

Claire Blatch 22/11/2014

I joined stockinformer a couple of days ago as i was looking for stretchkins which was out of stock everywhere. Luckily when i checked last night, i found the puppy and unicorn at my local Smyths toystore. I order them online last night (sunday) and picked them up this morning ( monday). Excellent help. Thank you

Linda Stevens 24/11/2014

Excellent service a life saver x

Yvonne Wood 26/11/2014

Thank you so much. I used your stock check for 2 days and eventually got lucky with an Argos Store I could collect from. Very pleased.

H Prior 27/11/2014

You helped me to purchase the snow glow elsa doll through toys r us. I found your site on the internet and I have told all my friends about it.I will definitely be using you again in the future. It was so easy to sit there and look at your site rather than having to go from site to site and inevitably missing it when it was back in stock. Thank you. You will of made my 5 year olds daughters Christmas!

Michelle 28/11/2014

Thank you so much , I've just ordered snow glow Elsa from Amazon .com , got the alert message and ordered straight away , I can't believe I got one coming , hopefully by the 19th Dec , my little girl will be so happy , thank you , oh and it was cheaper as well .

Nikki Barratt 28/11/2014

Tried everywhere in the UK to get this doll, all stores were sold out. I found stock informer by accident. I set it up to alert me if a doll came in stock somewhere.i went shopping (called in at toys r us but no luck) when i got home my laptop was buzzing like mad and i had an alert that Amazon.com had the doll.so i went on the site and i bought it, i was so happy i also bought a wand to go with the doll. i should have both within 8 to 14 days.The doll £19.12 the wand £6.61 shipping £8.34 Import fees £7.14 total £41.20 for both items.In uk £39.99 just for the doll. I can't thank you enough stock informer.My grandaughters face will light up as she thinks that santa has no more of the dolls left because every child wants one which is true as it happens.Thank you once again stock informer and a very happy to you all. regards from Les.

Les Holmes 28/11/2014

Fantastic service! I were despairing that I'd never find the snow glow elsa. I weren't quick enough with the first alerts you sent me but I've been lucky 3rd time! Ordered it from America and it's costing less than anywhere here is selling it. Just hope it gets here in time now!!

Helen Taylorson 28/11/2014

registered with you as i was searching for snow glow elsa doll for my granddaughter (like everyone else!) Looked at stock alerts all the time & managed to get one from toys r us on 14th nov which was delivered free on 22nd nov so thank you stock informer for the service From nanny & niamh who will be so excited on christmas day:)

Sue 28/11/2014

Thank you so much for letting me know that Amazon USA had the item I was looking for. I am so pleased as I had almost given up hope, the Elsa doll I wanted had completely sold out everywhere I was looking to buy this. I now have this being delivered from America in time for Christmas. Very very happy with the service I have received. Thank you again!

Joann Silk 28/11/2014

After many sleepless I managed to get one from amazon.com. If I did not use this website I would have had a few more sleepless nights. Thank you for your stock alerts. Snow glow elsa dolls are like gold dust. My daughter will be a happy girl

John Hobson 28/11/2014

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