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I was successfully able to buy a Snow Glow Elsa from Amazon USA following a prompt from Stockinformer. The product was delivered in around a week using Amazon's standard international delivery service. very happy!

Helen Lewis 17/12/2014

Thanks for helping me find this doll got it from amazon usa got it in about 10 days and cost less than all UK shops even with delivery tax ect brilliant and. thankyou

James 17/12/2014

I found stock informer very good. I would definitely use it again

Angela M Ashworth 17/12/2014

Fab, fab, fab! What else can I say? I managed to order one from Amazon.com following a text alert but delivery said by 22.12.14 (arrived yesterday! Whoohooooooo) I was panicking it would not arrive and managed to get one from the Entertainer just before their site crashed on 3.12.14 which I sold on to a colleague today for cost price may I add!! Can't believe people are so greedy and put a huge mark up on them! Thanks again I will be back every year no doubt.

One Demented Mum! 17/12/2014

Fantastic web site ,got the items I was looking for within two days off registering ,after try myself for weeks.no problem using this site very clear instructions to set up alerts will defo use this site again .well done guys 10 out of 10 thanks

Janice 18/12/2014

Amazing information, followed by quick shipping from USA! Came across this website by accident when looking for the sought after snow glow. Had a couple of alerts saying Tesco had in stock, but no success to order. Them an alert for Amazon, but it was to be shipped from USA. Ordered and regretted it: "no way would this be here for Christmas" I WAS SO WRONG, I AM GLAD TO SAY. Ordered on 12th, and it's arrived on the 19th - I paid standard shipping and the total cost equated to around the same retail price as buying it in the UK. Thank you, a service that works.

Stock Informer's Biggest Fan 18/12/2014

stockinformer has help me to make sure my daughter the biggest frozen fan get the one prezent she hasn't stopped talking about can't thank stock informer enough I surbcribe to there stock alerts and after few attempts I finally managed to get the most sort after toy of the year highly recommended this site once again thank you so much merry Christmas xx

Charlene 19/12/2014

Excellent service, we will have one very happy granddaughter this Christmas. Many Thanks Barbara

Barbara Barker 19/12/2014

Excellent got my snow glow elsa from amazon.co.uk a few weeks back, Santa thanks you for your help ;-)

Darren Spencer 19/12/2014

Christmas 2014 for my three grandchildren will be a much happier event as a result of the help provided by Stock Informer. Their "early warning" system helped me source special toys which were in very high demand and therefore constantly out of stock. I cannot recommend them highly enough.

Alan Mcgibbon 20/12/2014

Thank you stock informer. You saved the day with snow glow elsa at a very good price delivered today. Two happy grandchildren for Christmas

Margaret 20/12/2014

A Great Big Thank You for your help in locating the Elsa Snow Glow Doll which I picked up from Argos yesterday 21/12/2014. I'm sure if I hadn't contacted stock informer my granddaughter would have been bitterly disappointed Christmas morning. So once again Thank You so much.

Joy Brailsford 22/12/2014

Great site really helped me find what I was looking for. Thank you

Jill Johnston 22/12/2014

What a great service you provide. At this time of the year there are loads of things to do but you r service took care of one of the lost important, and I am very grateful for that. Thanks for helping make my little girl smile this year.

Simon Shaw 23/12/2014

Really helpful and it helped me get the Snow Glow Elsa in time for Christmas

Gemma Smith 23/12/2014

This service is fantastic I finally got my hands on a Beatbo before stock ran out!! Thank you! :)

Sophie 17/11/2015

Absolutely fantastic service alerted as soon as stock came in for an item sold out everywhere. Have recommended to friends too

Angela 19/11/2015

I have been trying to find a normal-priced Beatbo for weeks and today I managed it thanks to your site. Thank you!

Happymum 23/11/2015

Amazing ur service has helped me.to get the xbox controller I didn't think.I would be able to get couldn't recommend u highly enough xx

Nicola Boyd 25/11/2015

Brilliant site. Got the Elite controller I've been searching for.will definitely be using this site again. One happy boy come Christmas Day

Sharon 25/11/2015

Thank you very much! Your service is fantastic and has helped me to buy Pie Face for Christmas!

Holly Wallace 26/11/2015

I wanted to say how impressed I am with your website. People are quick to complain but not very forward in giving recognition to something good. Not only have you helped me purchase a beatbo at a good price you also enabled me to contact my friend to reserve the paw patroller yesterday too! So high five to you on such a fab website, helping us at this hectic time of year!

Kim Reeves 27/11/2015

Excellent service and I got my Xbox elite controller at a great price, thank you

Fiona Livingstone 29/11/2015

Just wanted to say thank you because of your website I've got 2 beat bos and 2 paw patrollers for my children & godson Thank you so much

Laura 29/11/2015

I was able to order a BeatBo from our local Argos after receiving your email this morning. They were soon out of stock again. Thank you very much.

Pennyr 30/11/2015

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