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Thanks to you I have managed to get hold of a Hatchimal for my daughter's birthday. Parenting win!!! Thanks so much :-)

Zoe 21/10/2016

Thanks to this site I got one for my daughters birthday.

Andrew 22/10/2016

Great site! I used this site to get My PS4 when it came out and this month to get my PS VR. It popped up in an Argos and I reserved it. I didn't mind the hour drive each way to pick it up. I have it open constantly looking for move controllers now. Fingers crossed. M

Martin 24/10/2016

Absolutely brilliant idea got 2 hatchimal very happy with it

Adelle 24/10/2016

I love this site,thank you so much. I finally got a hatchimal due to your alerts, now I know this website exists I will definitely be using again. Thank u again!!

Lisa Smith 24/10/2016

Great service. Signed up last night as we have been struggling to buy a hatchimal and received an alert first thing this morning to say it was in stock and ordered it.

Ian Croft 25/10/2016

made up that I managed to order a Pokemon go Plus for my son's birthday all because of Stock Informer. i would have forgot to check otherwise! Thanks guys :)

Jackie Gill 25/10/2016

thank you for providing me with the heads up on stock arriving in shops i managed to get 2 hatchimals from tesco direct wouldnt have if it wasnt for your website great site will be recommending it to all my friends and family

Elaine Stewart 26/10/2016

Excellent service! Managed to get hatchimals through your alert service will highly recommend you to family friends and anyone else.

Sandra Southwood 26/10/2016

Can't thank you enough !! Only thing my daughter asked for was a pink Hatchimal for her birthday and couldn't get one for love nor money (wasn't going to pay extortionate e-bay prices!) Am collecting one from Tesco's tomorrow - thanks to you guys Will definitely be recommending you to all my friends. Thank you so much.

Fiona Mccready 26/10/2016

Great service. This is the first time I've used this site. It's good to hear your making an app to notify us using our phones and tablets. Keep up the good work 😊

Nicola Hooper 26/10/2016

I found a owlicorn for my neice thanks to stock checker and them knowing about the different way to get hold of one. Thanks stock checker my neice will love it

Jasmine Short 26/10/2016

Over the moon found a hatchimals for my little girl for Xmas after a couple of emails I was begging to think I would never get one then just received an emailing saying tesco had online stock and I managed to get a rare bearakeet thanks very much

Jane Wood 26/10/2016

Thank you sooooo much for this service, been hunting high and low for 2 hatchimals, and with your help iv got them! Without this service id have two disappointed girls on Christmas day!!they are out of stock everywhere! THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU

Lauren Andrews 26/10/2016

Fabulous service. Got hatchimal lol x

Claire Richardson 26/10/2016

Grabbed a hatcnhimal this morning from Toys R Us courtesy of your website stock alert. Checked at 10:30pm last night, no stock checked again this morning and was able to pre order. Many many Thanks. Great website that does what it says on the tin!!!!

Paul Leeson 27/10/2016

Great service was informed by email straight away and got the item i wanted. Will definitely use again Thank you stock informer

Claire 27/10/2016

I just want to say thanks managed to get a hatchimal which is all my daughter has asked for xmas. Dont think i could have got one without this site without paying stupid prices leaving me less money for xmas....thanks guys!

Gemma 27/10/2016

Great website keep up the good work. Simon

Simon 27/10/2016

Thank you!!! Received 2 owlicorn Hatchimals this morning. This would never of happened without this site. Will definitely be using again.

Holly0113 28/10/2016

Thanks to your site was able to click & collect from tesco believe they sold out in minutes. This will make one very happy little girl on Xmas morning

Janice 29/10/2016

This is the first time I've used this website but it's brilliant! My daughter didn't decide she wanted a Hatchimal until they'd all sold out, and the one she liked (teal) seemed especially hard to find. Thanks to the Argos stock checker I managed to place a fast track order for one at a store not TOO far away, seconds after it appeared as being in stock, and I've just collected it now. I can't wait to see Bella open it at Christmas! Thank you :-)

Emma 29/10/2016

Thank you! Managed to get Hatchimals for my daughters this week by keeping an eye on Stock Informer.

Anne G 29/10/2016

Thank you! Managed to get my daughter a much wanted Pink Hatchimal at rrp thanks to updates from your site.

Sharon A 30/10/2016

Hi. My daughter has been going crazy over the hatchimals. I came across your website and sat here for 2 nights solid and it came up you had found one in Argos Bootle! I was so excited and managed to reserve it. I picked it up yesterday. All the customers in the branch where coming over to me! Tell me how lucky I was etc I Told them I swear by your website!!! Thank you!!! I'm still on the hunt for one more for my Niece! Thanks again 👍🏼

Jane 31/10/2016

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