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I spent 3 days constantly looking for a switch until someone told me about stock informer, 2 days after signing up I got one! Can't thank you enough!!!! Buzzing.

Elisha 16/04/2020

Just wanted to say a big thank you as I finally managed to order a Switch last night. I couldn’t find any in stock after Christmas time and had to wait for my March work bonus for another chance and found everywhere had sold out again. Really pleased with the service, thanks again!

Amelia 16/04/2020

Have been waiting for Nintendo switch to come in stock for over a month and recently joined stock informer (last week) and now I am a proud owner of the Nintendo switch . Thank you

Kaya 16/04/2020

Just wanted to say a huge thank you, this site has been invaluable! Not only did I manage to get myself a Nintendo Switch because of the alerts, but also Animal Crossing and Ring Fit Adventure! All items have been nearly impossible to source in the last few weeks, but once I found this site I had managed to buy all three within a week.

Heidi 16/04/2020

Great service, instantly told me when a switch was in stock leading to a purchase. Keep up the good work!

Sophie Pettigrew 16/04/2020

Your service is amazing!! Thank you for what you do

Jean Turney 16/04/2020

Got myself a switch less than a day after signing up for stock informer after weeks of messing about trying to check websites myself. Lovely free service thank you :) keep it up

Emily 16/04/2020

Helped me with a purchase and we very easy to use!

Brad 16/04/2020

I am so amazed. Been looking for this item for weeks and it’s been out of stock everywhere, but the day after I sign up to your website I managed to buy one. Many many many many thanks!! 10/10 for your service!

Holly 16/04/2020

Thank you!!! You guys were a massive help with tracking down a Nintendo switch when it was out of stock everywhere. Even when it was in stock it was gone within minutes! But when you get an email through that includes a link to the product it’s really easy!

Emma Mcauliffe 17/04/2020

During lockdown, family (on the quiet) very kindly clubbed together to buy my children a Nintendo Switch. This coincided with a birthday. Trouble is this left us with a problem and two grumpy kids as we couldn't find any stock - first world problems and very trivial in the scheme of things! Anyway after a few close calls and one cancelled Currys order we managed to secure a Switch from Very thanks to this website. My tip is to create an account with the main suppliers. Log in to each company on a separate window. When stock is received you don't have to faff around logging in, recording your address etc. Saves valuable seconds / minutes in the stampede to buy. Working from home was also a major factor - I hate it but it does have some benefits! Excellent service. Thanks. And good luck with your purchases.

Happy User 17/04/2020

Super helpful in finding my daughter a Switch when it was sold out everywhere. Thanks!

Mark 17/04/2020

Helped me buy ring fit 2 days after signing up, very thankful!!

Mason King 17/04/2020

Excellent service. Always accurate stock emails and I got the Ringfit game for the switch the next day from Very! Very happy!

Sarah Niven 17/04/2020

Very quick and accurate informer. Perfect service!

Xin Qin 17/04/2020

Fantastic service got what my grandchildren wanted in lockdown thank you so very much 🥰

Edwina 17/04/2020

Only 2 Days after registering, managed to get from Amazon after email from you. Many thanks.

Jc 17/04/2020

Brilliant service, I managed to get a Nintendo switch after weeks and weeks of trying!

Alex 18/04/2020

You managed to get me a switch from very! Much appreciated. Thanks Jack

Jack Clifford 18/04/2020

Signed up to monitor the Nintendo Switch which is in very short supply and within three days I'd received an alert and managed to grab one from Dixons, which I would never have checked. Have now subscribed to more alerts for other hard to find products, great service in the world we find ourselves in today.

Steven Hartland 19/04/2020

A very efficient website which delivers fast and accurate stock checks. Signed up in the morning to find a Lay-Z Spa Paris hot tub and before lunch I had purchased one thanks to the notifications from this site. Particularly impressive given the shortage of these products amidst Corona Virus lockdown. Great website - thanks to all that run and support this. Definitely recommending to all friends and family. Best, Jon

Jon Ritchie 20/04/2020

I cannot thank you enough, it was my birthday on the 18th & all my events for it got cancelled due to COVID-19 I tried to get a switch! Managed to get one today from Germany, not only was it a little cheaper but original delivery date was the 14th may it has now been changed to the 29th April! You also helped me get the PS4 when it first came out cannot Fault this service that you provide

Tyler Wootton 20/04/2020

Thanks so much, I managed to order one. Well done, will recommend to all my friends.

Alan B 20/04/2020

Just want to say a massive thank you, as due to your website I was able to buy a normal price Switch from Amazon in -less than 24 hours- of discovering your website and gaining insight into the trends of sale! Thank you so much!

Mrf 21/04/2020

helped me get a nintendo switch when I have failed to for months! let me know when in stock and managed to buy one from very with no issues at all.

David Stimson 22/04/2020

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