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Thank you so much for running this site so smoothly! I have finally got my hands on the Nintendo Switch Animal Crossing Edition! I had been checking sites regularly myself, but your site allowed me to relax a little knowing i would be notified exactly when stock came in anywhere! (which sometimes was in the middle of the night ) Definitely recommend to anyone who wants limited stock products and will be coming back if I ever need anything that i cant get my hands on! Lovely site and members!

Lucy 20/05/2020

Spent ages trying to find a switch over the last month or so. Set up email alerts using StockInformer and discovered how quickly they were selling out (5-10 minutes!). Eventually left the tab open at work and turned on audio alerts after missing a notification in my inbox - buzzer went off less than an hour later and I was finally able to grab myself a console! Big thanks to SI for making lockdown more enjoyable!

Alex S 20/05/2020

Thanks to Stock Informer I got a Nintendo Switch after weeks of trying through the Nintendo website. Thank you!

Sarah K 20/05/2020

I had been looking for the Animal Crossing Switch Console since it was released and within 2/3 days of using this site I managed to place an order! Amazing service! The alert came through and instantly took me to the site where I managed to grab the console. They were then sold out again within the next 15 minutes. Thank you!

Lauren P 20/05/2020

Notifications were really helpful, they helped me to get a Nintendo switch.

Roberta Brown 20/05/2020

Great service enabling me to buy a Nintendo switch very quickly after having spent weeks trying to track one down.

Anna Barnes 21/05/2020

Yow!!!! You've just made me extremely happy.. Been trying to secure a nintendo switch for my daughter for at least 3 months now. Kept checking this site for stock information.. Anytime you had green I went to try and buy and they had sold out.. Everytime.. I literally signed up for notifications last night.. Woke up this morning checked my emails. And boom.. I secured a pre-order about 30 minutes ago. Thank you so much.

Daniel 22/05/2020

Great service! I’ll have a happy boy when his birthday arrives thanks to you 😊

Carol Torrance 22/05/2020

Great service really impressed , can’t wait for my delivery of Vegas lay z hot tub which I couldn’t get anywhere, as all sold out. Thank you. I have already recommended the service to all my friends.

Lisa 24/05/2020

Been looking for a lay-z-spa for weeks and never managed to get one. Then i remembered about stock informer & after 3 days iv managed to order one for delivery in a cpl of days! Love this site always helps me find stock of what i want perfect

Nicola Kelly 25/05/2020

Your website helped secure a Nintendo Switch Neon for my son’s 8th birthday. Thank you.

Neil Phillips 25/05/2020

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