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This is a brilliant service! I finally got the Innotab ordered thank you very much :o)

Alison Simpkins 22/11/2011

Thank you so much. I had almost given up hope of ever managing to get an Innotab for my sons Christmas but your service came up trumps for me today. One very happy mother here looking forward to an even happier son on Christmas morning.

Andrea Morrison 22/11/2011

First off, thanks. Many thanks in fact. Before I had discovered your amazing web site, I was spending, literally, hours hunting down stock for an Innotab (in blue and pink!!). StockInformer made this task so much easier. After over a week of fruitless searching for stock that had more in common with rocking horse poop than anything and also rendering the F5 key on my laptop useless , I setup my account with you, two days later (and after 3 alarms on my lap top going off, what a fab idea) I had collected one item and currently awaiting delivery of another. Without this sites help I would either have been exceptionally lucky or still looking today. Once again, thank you StockInformer for providing an immensely appreciated service.

Matt 22/11/2011

Thank you very much, I managed to buy a vtech inno tab tablet from John Lewis today for my grandsons christmas, this item is like goldust, due to being able to check to see who had stock of this item your site made this an easy purchase, I will recommend this site to everyone I know. Thanks again :-D

marina 22/11/2011

the service provided was first class

loraine woodall 23/11/2011

Just ordered leap pad green from Amazon. Yippee. Thank you

Jcb 23/11/2011

Thank you. Excellent service.

Mu 23/11/2011

Thank you for your alert service ! I've just managed to buy a Leapfrog leappad from Amazon after trawling the differant web sites for weeks!

Caroline 23/11/2011

Brilliant service, I've been stressing about not being able to get a Leapfrog LeapPad (a must have xmas toy this year) as everywhere was sold out (highstreet and online). I signed up to Stock Informer and within 2 hours was notified of an online supplier with stock that i was able to make a purchase from :o) Registering was very quick and simple and I was notified by email and text about my item. I would recommend your site to anyone whose trying to find that must have item.

Stuart Bennett 23/11/2011

this service was very useful , i managed to get two leappads ( one pink one green ) despite the mad panic from everyone for xmas on this item thanks to the audible alert system. thanks a lot you made two kids very happy this xmas day :-)

barry 23/11/2011

Great service thanks. Managed to get a leap pad explorer with your help. That's one happy little boy on Christmas morning! I'll recommend your site. Thanks.

Mark Sweeney 23/11/2011

Thank you so much for your help. I have this morning finally managed to purchase a green LeapPad from Amazon following an alert from you. What a great service!

Frances Wade 23/11/2011

Thanks for your help in securing a leapfrog leap pad

Carole 23/11/2011

Great service I wouldn't have been able to purchase this item without this service as everywhere seemed to be sold out - thanks

Pat Greene 23/11/2011

Fantastic service, was a little sceptical at first, but thought I would try it and see if it helped get hold of a Leap-pad. Got the pop up alert and successfully ordered from Toys R Us straight away. Within 5 minutes the stock was gone. I would not have been able to get one without this update. Will recommend to friends and family and use again in the future.

Frances 24/11/2011

Just to say a big "thank you" for your e-mails keeping me informed of stock of Innotab. It was extremely useful and I have been able to secure the product I was looking for. I would say your service is excellent.

Jania Peck 24/11/2011

Finally got hold of a Leap Pad in green today and at a proper price. This site has been vital for me to track stock levels for all the main sites, all in one place. Thank you very much. My son is now getting a Xmas pressie that he thought Santa couldn't get. Please don't pay over the odds from the chancers. You'll just encourage them and push the prices higher!

dc5r666 24/11/2011

thanks so much i can't believe i have never heard of this website before, well i will highly recommending you. Thanks again you have made a wee boy's xmas :)

leigh petty 24/11/2011

thankyou thankyou million thankyous have just managed to get innotab from entertainer for my grandson made my day xxxx

julie 24/11/2011

I found this very helpfull as wot I was lookin for was out of stock every where

sonia 24/11/2011

fantastic, thanks to your email alerting me when a leapfrog explorer was in stock somewere i managed to my son one for christmas as there out of stock absolutely everywere and when people do have them they go straight out!!! thank you

liz 25/11/2011

fantastic service thank you

del 25/11/2011

Excellent service!

Sharon 25/11/2011

Really pleased with the service

Alan 25/11/2011

excellent service, bought a leappad after your notification, the company sold out later that day. thankyou

David Gardham 25/11/2011

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