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I was really pleased with this service. I was able to purchase what I wanted at the price I wanted. I definatly use again. Thank you!

Vanessa Murray 14/11/2012

Excellent service yet again, my kids always seem to choose the most hard to get toys every xmas but as with last year you've done the hard work for me. Would recommend to anyone!! thankyou x

Helen Johnson 15/11/2012

very good service thanks for help

George Parker 15/11/2012

Brilliant, I have been waiting for stock to come in for this for ages. I got an email and was able to order what I wanted straight away. Thank you.

K.Fisher 16/11/2012

Excellent service. Thanks to you I now have the longed for Furby

Muriel Clark 23/11/2012

I got the thing I wanted the first day I joined your service via a text alert. Your service is BRILLIANT. As i have the thing...a furby.. I would def ask you for help again

Juliet Groves 23/11/2012

Thank You so much for all the updated information you have given me. Item now purchased Your service & help has been a great help, it has saved me many hours of searching round. Your service is next to none THANK YOU

Marie Barber 23/11/2012

just to say a huge thankyou for your online store checking service, i have searched and searched for the furby i was after for a while and purchased 1 yesterday with the audio alert at 4am :/, very happy and would defently use stock informer again :)

Danielle Wright 23/11/2012

Excellent site, so lucky I found you this morning. I today (a bit late) decided that the furby would be the toy of choice for this year for my daughter, and as usual, being late, found they were all out of stock unless I wanted to be over the odds on ebay. I registered for alerts with your site and within the hour they were back in stock in Tesco, after a nervous 15 minutes watching the wheel of death on the Tesco website and after numerous crashes I secured the Ferby I wanted. Thank you for this website, it clearly works and is a parents best friend at Christmas, I'll be recommending and using you again. Kind regards Karen

Karen Cowley 26/11/2012

Fantastic service, managed to buy the Furby from TESCO would still be looking if i had not come across your site. Thanks again, Chrissie x

Christine 27/11/2012

Thankyou for keeping me updated on the stock for furbys, i have now been able to purchase one thanks to your site.

Denise Taylor 27/11/2012

Hi I just wanted to say thank you for such a great website. I have just collected my niece's Xmas present - a pink furby - from Tesco's thanks to your site. When my niece told me that she would like a pink furby (and only pink)for Xmas I broke out into a cold sweat as I had heard how difficult it is to get your hands on one. After unsuccessfully surfing the net looking for one a stumbled across your site. I was sceptical when I read about your stock alarm, but desperate to get my hands on one I set it up first thing Monday. I then started work. By 12.30 engrossed in my work Furbies couldn't have been further from my mind. Suddenly my laptop turned into a fog horn alarm. After nearly leaping out of my skin, I remembered... Furbies!! I jumped straight onto your site which said Tescos had them in stock and within seconds I had one. It couldn't have been any easier. This is the best website I have come across for a long time. I could have done with you when I was trying to get my hands on Olympic tickets! A massive thank you for making my Niece's Xmas! Julie

Julie Beal 27/11/2012

Fantastic! Trying to find a gift that seemed to be unavailable everywhere. Until I registered with you! Your emails have informed me where i can purchase & now have been able to buy thanks for your help. A great service have been recommending to my friends.

Jules Beae 28/11/2012

Your service has been fantastic, I was looking for a Furby and got one through your service. I dont believe that I would have managed to get it without your help. Thankyou.

Anne Mcdermid 03/12/2012

Thanks for your help in tracking down a Furby for my little boy - he'll be very happy on Christmas morning!

Nicky 03/12/2012

I am delighted with your service. I asked for updates on the iPad Mini and you were very quick - thank you very much.

Robin Ward 10/12/2012

OMG I am sooo impressed with this website because it actually works! Could not get an iPAD mini anywhere, not even at the Apple shop. Posted on this site, got a message alerting to online stock at Currys within 4 hours, rushed to order and BINGO success. Cannot believe that my two boys will now get their Christmas wish when I thought my search was doomed to failure. Just need Currys to delivery within 6 days as promised now! Thank you soo much, how grateful am I? Will definately recommend to everyone.

James Millerchip 11/12/2012

Your website is brilliant! I managed to order the ipad mini I wanted for an Xmas present for my son, without your info, I doubt I could have so thanks and keep up the good work!

Fiona Grace 19/12/2012

Thanks for locating the nexus7, I have just picked it up from argos and its on charge. I will reco you and if required use you again, thanks Roy

Roy 30/12/2012

Hi, Thanks for providing this service. It was easy to use and worked just when I needed it. My order for Nexus 7 32gb is on its way from John Lewis, but I'll keep my fingers crossed until it arrives!

Joe Wilson 08/01/2013

Thank you so much! My old tablet is dying and I had just decided to replace it with a Nexus 7 - only to find everyone was out of stock. Thanks to you, I've just ordered it from John Lewis (they told me it would be back in stock next week). Joy!

Lizziet 08/01/2013

thanks very much for letting me know about John Lewis Nexus 7. I have just bought one and had a good experience with you and John Lewis

Jillmartyn 08/01/2013

Thank you , the email service finally tipped me off for stock ,of the Nexus at John Lewis. Great result

Malcolm Metcalfe 08/01/2013

Got my Nook because of your alert - thank you very much!

Deepa 30/05/2013

I got three £29-Nooks from 2 different suppliers thanks to your website and stock alerts. Cheers!

Fred 05/06/2013

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