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Discuss PlayStation VR Stock @ PlayStation VR at Currys


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guest168620 29/11/2016 12:44

Ordered on the 26th, received email saying they couldn't deliver within 5 days. After 4 phone calls to them they've now confirmed that they won't be getting any stock until at least the end of December. They've already taken payment off my card so I've cancelled the order out of principle, flippin chancers.

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Lindsey1982 - 19/12/2016 11:51

In stock now at tesco


guest143298 27/11/2016 11:06

Absolute joke!!!! Put one in my basket at yesterday morning. Email received yesterday to say they couldn't deliver by the 5 days. Rang up today to query and they have no stock despite the vr coming back in stock yesterday evening. Livid!!! Avoid!!!

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rlnc722a 26/11/2016 14:03

I ordered in the afternoon, for delivery to store today. Got the email confirmation at 12 to say in store. However, I had cancelled just before this, so I guess one unit is going to come back up at some point soon!

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Chris1341 26/11/2016 06:47

Ordered last night 2 hours before stock ran out, received email 10 pm, "Dear Sir Problem with your order" - Not Happy!

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