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Discord Stock Notification Alerts

Fri May 22 2020

We have pleased to announce we have now implemented stock notifications via Discord. This will only be for the most popular products we are currently tracking.

This will be of particular interest to iPhone and iPads users who currently struggle to receive push notifications due to Apple restrictions.


Stock Informer Top 2019 Christmas Toys

Wed Sep 04 2019

With the kids back at school we feel it's now safe to start talking about Christmas without being shouted at and have compiled our list of what we think will be the hottest toys this Christmas.


New Stock Informer Website Features

Mon Feb 04 2019

Now that Christmas has come and gone, we haven't had our feet our up relaxing at Stock Informer HQ, we have been working on numerous backend improvements and have developed two new significant features for the website.

All Live Products Stock Checker

You now have the ability to receive audible stock alerts for all our active products on a single desktop tracking webpage.


NES Classic returns 29th June 2018

Tue May 15 2018

Nintendo have now confirmed via Twitter that the NES Classic Edition will make its European comeback on Friday 29th June 2018 and "expected to be available throughout the year".

We have known for around a year that a summer 2018 release was imminent but it's only now we have an exact date.


Want to receive quicker stock notifications?

Wed Oct 18 2017

We have today launched a new option whereby you can receive a Push Notification Stock Alert immediately when our servers detect potential stock.

Previously a member of the Stock Informer team would quickly evaluate any stock and send push notifications if the retailer has a definate number of units for sale. This was introduced to prevent users being bombarded with alerts that sometimes were false alarms or the retailer only had an odd unit in stock which got snapped up immediately. However, you now have the option of receiving immediate alerts sent by our servers the second potential stock is detected.


Buying tips for the SNES Classic Mini

Thu Aug 31 2017

Demand for Super Nintendo Entertainment System (SNES) Classic Mini is massive. In over 11 years of tracking hard to find items we have never seen demand so high for pre-orders. This includes the USA where pre-orders went live only last week and sold out in minutes.

Nintendo have promised to produce 'considerably' more units than the NES Mini console last year, however based on the current demand we predict there WILL BE major stock shortages. Nintendo have also stated that their priority is production of the Switch console and the SNES Mini is also a limited time production with no more units being produced after 2017. Nintendo have probably decided to manufacture a set amount with some reports suggesting double that of the NES Mini in 2016, however if this is true, this will still not be enough to satisfy demand.


Retailers limit one SNES per customer

Wed Jul 05 2017

People trying to order in bulk the forthcoming retro Super Nintendo Entertainment System (SNES) are facing a more difficult task following a number of online retailers limiting orders to just one per customer.

Both Amazon and Tesco have clamped down on the practice with reports that Tesco are completely cancelling orders of over 1 unit and Amazon automatically reducing customers orders to just 1 unit. GAME and the Official Nintendo Store are also imposing the same limit on their websites.


Nintendo Classic Mini NES to be discontinued

Thu Apr 20 2017

Nintendo have now officially confirmed the Classic Mini NES is to be discontinued worldwide. This follows chronic stock shortages since its release in November 2016.

The reasoning behind this move isn't 100% clear, however reports suggest that Nintendo are now planning a SNES (Super Nintendo Entertainment System) Mini for release in time for Christmas 2017 and requires the manufacturing facilities for this new device.


New Mini Hatchimals CollEGGtibles

Wed Feb 08 2017

A new range of collectible mini Hatchimals are seemingly on the way.

Named Hatchimal CollEGGtibles, we initially spotted them on Amazon Germany which advises a release date of 1st May 2017.


Nintendo to Increase NES Mini Classic Production

Thu Feb 02 2017

It has been reported that Nintendo are now finally increasing production of the NES Mini Classic console.

This will be music to the ears of eager buyers who have been hunting for availability. Worldwide demand for the retro console has been sky high since its launch in November 2016 which has resulted in constant stock shortages.