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I just wanted to say Thank You!!. I received an email from you saying the Snow Glow Elsa was in stock, I ordered it and picked it up 2 days later. I'm going to have the happiest little girl on christmas day

Julia 01/12/2014

Absolutely fantastic service. Couldn't believe it actually worked. Been hunting for over a week via internet and within a couple of hours registering, the item I have been looking for was sourced.

Roseann 02/12/2014

Thank you! I have just purchased a Snow Glow Elsa thanks to your stock alert-what a great idea. I don't need the alerts anymore now, but will definitely recommend you and use the service again!

Rachel Watts 02/12/2014

Hi. A big thank you for the great service you offer. I have managed to order the snow glow elsa doll from Amazon.com and due to be delivered before Christmas. Many thanks

Emma 02/12/2014

Thanks to your updates we were able to quickly get onto hamleys website and purchase a snow glow Elsa doll! Without your service I think it would have been near impossible to have located a doll whilst working through the day. Many thanks!

Redgav 02/12/2014

Excellent service - because of your brilliant service I was able to purchase a Frozen snow glow doll for my great granddaughter for Christmas. I know they are so much in demand. Thank you Thank you Thank you Regards Kay Smith

Kay Smith 02/12/2014

I just wanted to say thank you very much, I had been on the hunt for a Snow Glow Elsa for weeks when I came across your site. Within a couple of days and thanks to your stock alerts I managed to get one! I will have a very happy little girl now, thanks and Merry Christmas. :-)

Amy Atkinson 02/12/2014

Just want to say thanks to Stock Informer alerts I have just received my Elsa from Amazon in America. It was ordered last Friday evening, standard delivery with expected date of 10th December so arrived 5 days early. I would never have known they were in stock there without Stock Informer. Great site - keep up the good work!

Sue 05/12/2014

Thanks to your alarm I had ordered a Snow Glow Elsa from Amazon 1 minute after they came in stock! Great service, thank you!

Kerry Hawkins 06/12/2014

Many thanks for tracking down a snow glow elsa doll from the u.s. & cheaper than the retail price in u.k. It arrived very quickly & in perfect condition, & is going to make my little granddaughter very happy! So well done you!

Rachel Sklar 06/12/2014

THANK YOU!!!!! My girls declared they wanted snow glow elsa for Christmas and by the time I got paid everyone was out of stock, I came across your website and it has saved our Christmas! I have got slightly obsessed with it and have been checking anywhere between 60-100 times a day. I have had lots of false excitement as the Argos site lets you reserve it and looks like you have one but if you don't get an email they don't have one reserved for you. I have today managed to get one from Amazon.com and this is only because I saw it available in your site! Brilliant service! Thank you sooooo much!

Jen Bird 08/12/2014


Sam 08/12/2014

Thanks for helping me find this doll my daughter is desperate for it for christmas. You made it so easy and quick to find excellent service. Thanks again.

Julie Evans 09/12/2014

Thanks to stock informer I ordered and have received Snow Glow Elsa. I am very grateful and my granddaughter will be delighted on Christmas morning. Very efficient service.

Patricia Mcilmoyle 09/12/2014

Very impressed. Contact made within 24hours and purchase was successful.

Margaret Laird 09/12/2014

Thank you for alerting me as soon as stock was available. I was able to order online and collect within 2 days. Brilliant

Lorraine Elhamamsy 11/12/2014

Fantastic website. Thank you secured Elsa Snow Glow purchase. Have been searching for over 2 weeks. Very happy

Caroline 11/12/2014

Finally managed to get one reserved at Argos !! I had a stock alarm set and off it went at 1:30am, absolutely thrilled, thanks so much πŸ˜„πŸ˜„πŸ˜„

Laura Breen 12/12/2014

Finally got what I was looking for using the site.they kept me upto date on any new deliveries.was well informed through out.

Lisam 13/12/2014

Great service and hassle free! Thanks

Jonathan Lane 15/12/2014

Thank you for letting me know about stock on Amazon.com & explaining how it worked etc Elsa arrived this morning will have a very happy little girl on Christmas Day

Andrea Condron 15/12/2014

Fantastic idea, implemented with a smooth UI. Thanks to you my 3 year old will be over the moon. You saved me from A LOT of stress (and an angry wife!) The email system worked perfectly. Thanks again and merry chrimbo!

Michael Campbell 15/12/2014

I started checking for the Elsa snow glow doll on your site 2 days ago after being unable to find stock anywhere except eBay. After losing out to quite an extortionate bid last night I resigned myself to the fact that unfortunately my 5 year old would not be receiving this from Santa. I woke at 4.10 this morning to find your site had updated stock available at Tesco Direct. YES! Finally I am able to fulfill my little girls dream at Xmas. Incidentally I have requested stock alert from tesco and have not received any notification yet, presumably there are people ahead of me who requested alerts so Thank You sincerely Stock Informer, I will be saving this site as one of my favourites for future use.

Barbara Farquharson 16/12/2014

I just wanted to say thank youvery much to stock informer.i used this site last year when I was trying to get a ps4 and was lucky enough to get a txt alert to say they were in stock in amazon.i used it again this year to get the elsa doll on the entainer site.have a lovely christmas

Jennifer 16/12/2014

You tracked a snow glow Elsa doll for me.Thanks to the audible alert system I didn't miss out and I was able to buy one from amazon.com on 2nd Dec. I was grateful for your advice about buying in sterling and using my British Amazon account. It meant ordering was very quick so I didn't miss out on stock as I had previously done. I had an e-mail the next day to say it had been shipped and though the delivery date was 16th Dec it was delivered on 13th. Result -one happy Granny and consequently one happy little girl on Christmas day ! Thank you very much. I shall certainly use your site again and recommend it to others.

Mrs M Jenkin 16/12/2014

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