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I was able to get a PS5 in time for Christmas for my dad, this would not have been as easy without the Stock Informer service. Thank you very much!

Steven Benson 08/12/2020

Thank you with all my heart for helping me secure the Xbox series s. This was one big weight off my mind. Great service. Just need to get my hands on the PS5 now and I’ve got two happy children.

Kelly 10/12/2020

Thankyou so very much for providing this service. We had tried on so many occasions without success to get hold of the Xbox series x for our son for Christmas even staying up almost all night when stock was being released. We pretty much gave up hope but after receiving your email we have managed to get him one. He’s going to one very happy boy. Thanks again

Gaby Jowett 11/12/2020

Ordered new Xbox series x from Amazon Germany (transaction translation into English available) - cost slightly more than UK price (delivery and currency exchange) but arrived on the first estimated delivery day - whole process 14 days. Stockinformer saved the day for grandson’s Christmas present!

Peter Taylor-Lane 16/12/2020

Thank you so much for your help. My Granddaughter will now have 'Gotta Go Flamingo' to open on Christmas Day. What a brilliant service you provide.

Jane Gibbons 17/12/2020

Thank you for this service - I was able to get an Xbox Series X due to the prompt notification from your Discord service

Mark Moore 18/12/2020

Thank you for all your help. I have managed to get an Xbox Series X console from Amazon Germany following an alert from yourselves. My son also signed up and managed to get one as well via Amazon. Fantastic service thank you so much. Have a wonderful Christmas.

Julie Ward 18/12/2020

Christmas is saved!! Thanks to your service we managed to get the Xbox X series we needed.

Wes Simmons 21/12/2020

Very good service, will definitely use again. Thanks

Liam 28/12/2020

Thank you stock Informer for your email this morning letting me know that the Xbox Series X was in stock at Very. Placed order straight away now have one one its way to me. I wouldn't have got this if it wasn't for your site. It is now out of stock again. Really buzzing thanks again 😀

Gordon Doherty 05/01/2021

Just wanted to say thanks for providing a great service! I finally managed to order an Xbox Series X this morning (which hopefully won't be cancelled later on..). Thanks again!

Matt 05/01/2021

Good morning all, Just wanted to say thank you so much for offering this service. It took a while but I managed to order from a UK retailer due to the instant notification from you. Thank you once again.

Troy 05/01/2021

Thank you for running this service, managed to finally snag an Xbox series X thanks to the notifications from this site. Much appreciated.

Cameron Wilson 06/01/2021

I just wanted to send a quick message to say how awesome your site is and to say thank you to you guys for helping me get my series x! i missed out on pre ordering one but thanks to your website and notifications, i had one delivered on 27/11/20. I know people who are STILL looking for one so going forward i will recommend your site to everybody i know!

Scott 13/01/2021

Guys - THANK YOU so much for this service. It's been an absolute nightmare trying to get my hands on an Xbox Series X, checking websites multiple times daily, for months. You've helped me beat the scalpers and hopefully have a delivery soon. I'll be sharing this with my friends, colleagues and family!

Alex 13/01/2021

Thank you so much. Your discord service is brilliant, as soon as stock is available you can click the link and hope you get there in time, it only took me a week using this service to get a hold of an rtx 3060 ti, otherwise it would have been months. Excellent quality service guys, well done!

Nathaniel 15/01/2021

Thanks to Stock Informer i managed to get Xbox series x from Very and it arrived in good time thanks again and would recommend Stock Informer to all my friends

Tracey 15/01/2021

Thank you so much, i managed to purchase an x box series x for my grandson, as you alerted me to them being in stock in Currys

Teresa Denton 18/01/2021

Stockinformer, the site I can't thank enough for helping me get a Series X. I never thought I would get one before the major restock event in April/March-ish. Got an alert for Amazon, went immediately to order, but it ran out of stock, what makes this website unique is that they also alerted me stock for every other country store of Amazon, amazon.de(german website) and the spanish amazon website etc. Over there I was able to snag one before it was too late. They even went further to inform me that I should buy a different power cord for the German one. Can't thank you guys enough, thanks for making everyone's days, like mine, much much better!

Ahmad 18/01/2021

Just wanted to say a massive thank you for providing this service, I was not in a position to preorder a console during the window to do that with UK retailers and subsequently had been madly checking retailers and using your website without creating an account. I then decided to create an account and use the notification service, much to my surprise a notification appeared a few hours later and I was able to purchase one at retail price. I cannot stress how appreciative I am of your service and have recommended to numerous friends already. It just so happens it's being delivered on my birthday so has really made me happy. Thanks again, M.Kingsley

M.Kingsley 21/01/2021

Thank you so much Stock Informer I was able to secure a xbox series x from yesterdays Microsoft store release : )) I just happened to be online when I noticed the email alert flash up

Wolfie 21/01/2021

Just managed to snag the Xbox Series X thanks to your notification. Thanks!

Mike Gibbins 25/01/2021

Managed to order a PS5 from Amazon.co.uk a couple of days ago thanks to the alarm sounding; had it up and runing in a Firefox tab for a couple of months. Stock only lasted minutes so would never have gotten it otherwise, Many Thanks :)

N.Downham 27/01/2021

Could never of gotten an xbox without this website honestly one of the greatest websites there is: easy to use, automatic refreshing and push notifications allow you to always be ready.

Jack Buckley 27/01/2021

I managed to get a PS5 because of your Amazon notification. Thank you very much for your service :)

Anon 27/01/2021

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